(VIDEO) Man Assaulted & Arrested at Alaska State Fair for carrying 'Impeach Obama' Sign

This video and message has been sent into me. If this can happen in Alaska, it can happen here!

This is incredible. Regardless of what the sign says, he has the RIGHT. Like he says, he has as much right to carry that sign as the people in the crowd have to wear something on their t-shirts. This guy is going to sue the socks off Alaska and WIN. Good for him. The State Police were involved. He did nothing.

YOU’VE GOT TO WATCH THIS! Is this the start of what is to come? Take away our Freedom of Speech, whats next? Take away our right to Keep and Bear Arms? Did any of you see anything on any of the National News Media about this? I wonder why not? Do YOU not think it newsworthy? WAKE UP AMERICA ! ! ! Before its too late! VOTE IN NOVEMBER LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT . . . CAUSE IT DOES! ! ! !


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