Stop the Cheap Political Tricks

The DREAM Act is probably worthy of discussion for the debate about immigration reform policy; however, the American public should not be forced to support a bill of this nature by tacking it on to the Defense Authorization Bill, a military spending bill that is crucial to the security of this nation.

Once again the Democrat controlled senate is up to more of the cheap political tricks the American voter has some to resent.  Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) announced this week; the immigration amnesty plan called the DREAM Act will be pushed through as an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill.  Also tied to this bill is a social engineering bill attempting to change the military’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.  A third amendment has also been attached to this critical military funding bill calling for an end to the “secret hold” practice which allows a Senator to block a nomination by placing a hold on it.

The vote is scheduled today at 2:30 pm EDT.   It is important that you contact your senators today and tell them to block these add on amendments to this bill and, if necessary, vote against the Defense Authorization Bill if these amendments pass. 

Even moderate Republican Senators Snow and Collins have expressed concerned about this process.   Texas’ Senators John Cornyn and Kay Baily Hutchison told me today they will be voting against cloture on this bill and if cloture passes, they will vote against the Defense Authorization Bill.

The cheap political tricks of the Democrats led by Sen. Harry Reid should serve as a reminder as to why the Nov 2nd report is critical to changing the direction of leadership of this nation.  We need to support Republican candidate Sharron Angle in her efforts to defeat Sen. Reid.



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