StopPROP1 Launches New Radio Ad Featuring Houston City Council Members Against Proposition 1

Proposition 1 is not a Republican vs Democrat issue.  It is not a Conservative vs Liberal issue.  It is an issue about what is good public policy for the City of Houston for the next (at least) forty years.  In this radio ad which started on the air today, Council Members Jolanda Jones, C. O. Bradford, Wanda Adams and Jarvis Johnson joined with the "Tax Man" Paul Bettencourt to express opposition to Proposition 1 because it is a poorly conceived program with little if any protection for taxpayers who are already stretched too thin financially.

This "Rain Tax" will negatively affect every homeowner, business, church, school, hospital and other charity in the City of Houston causing some people to pay this tax multiple times through their churches and schools.

We need your help!  This ad will only run based on how much money we can raise to fight Proposition 1.  Engineering firms and other special interest groups are pumping over $1,000,000 into getting this ill-conceived plan passed because they will reap BILLIONS of dollars in return.  Please donate to StopPROP1 today.  No donation is too small, but send as much as you can now because otherwise you will be paying later!


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