Success of Women in June 8th Elections

Yesterday, the results of six different primary elections came in. In five of the six elections, a female candidate came out on top. In California, the election of Meg Whitman for the governor candidate and Carly Fiorina for the Senate candidate marked the first time that women won both positions for Republican Party. The election of both these women may represent Republican California’s disappointment of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Can this growing influence of women in politics be linked to general disappointment of men in office? People are tired of economic issues, oil spills, and health care reforms, all of which are linked with male politicians.

Whitman and Fiorina winning in the June 8th primaries, each being the only female in their category, may represent this change in thinking within the American vote. Both candidates had been successful chief executives in eBay and HP, which, given the economic problems in California, likely played a role in their victory due to their business knowledge and expertise. Both Whitman and Fiorina display the needed experience for current problems and appeal to voters’ sense of change in government.

Whitman will have to bring those who voted for Steve Poizner on her side if she wants to truly contest Jerry Brown in November for position as governor. Regardless of the reasons, the June 8th elections prove womens’ growing prominence in politics.



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