Sue President Obama and the DNC for Slander

As the American public grows bored with President Obama and other leftists demonizing conservatives for existing and breathing air, the leftist bomb-throwers remain obtuse. They truly believe that the bomb-throwing is appropriate, but that they have yet to find the right target.

President George W. Bush is retired and happy on his ranch.

Sarah Palin is a private citizen making millions on the speaking circuit.

Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck are laughing all the way to the bank.

Now President Obama and the leftist character assassins are going after the Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce?

Can anybody think of a more boring, non-controversial group? Does any sane person really believe that number crunchers at debit conventions wearing red and blue diagonal neckties are a threat to democracy?

Think of the Democrats as a cheating spouse. Because they are lying and cheating, they become paranoid and assume that they are being lied to and cheated on because “everybody does it.”

No. Lying cheaters lie and cheat. Thieves steal. Plenty of good people do none of this.

The Democratic National Committee and Barack Obama have accused the Chamber of Commerce of conspiring with Karl Rove to funnel foreign money into entities against Barack Obama’s agenda.

This is not mere crying about political opponents, which our Crybaby in Chief does in spades. This is an accusation of financial criminality, with no proof to back it up.

The solution is obvious, but the irony is worth some reminders.

The Democratic National Committee was a criminal enterprise in the mid-1990s. Remember John Huang? Did we ever find Charlie Trie? Yes, and no.

We learned from the 1996 election two very important things. First of all, nobody cares about campaign finance reform. It is inside baseball. Also, there is no penalty for violating campaign finance laws. Giving the money back after the election is useless. The left will argue for more laws that they will disobey anyway.

Like cheating spouses, they rail about “big oil,” and “big pharma,” while George Soros owns them lock, stock, and barrel. He most likely owns the toilet paper companies used to clean up their (redacted).

The second thing we learned in 1996 is that voters want a healthy economy, and that the rest (outside of national security) is boring.

Barack Obama and the DNC are crashing and burning because there is no economic recovery. They have no way to keep power but to slash and burn everything in sight and hope they are the only ones left standing.

So what should the Democrats do?

They should put up or shut up. Either present evidence of malfeasance, or knock it off.

When Bob Schieffer asked David Axelrod if he had evidence, Axelrod replied that the Chamber offered no proof that the allegations were false, as if guilty until proven innocent existed in America.

Under those guidelines, Axelrod has failed to prove to me that he enjoys sexual relations with homosexual Arab goats.

Assuming the evidence against the Chamber does not exist, the Chamber of Commerce has an option. It might be considered “going nuclear,” but as I have said many times, the only thing bullies understand is force.

The Chamber of Commerce should sue the President and the DNC.

Tie them up in court for years and bury them in paperwork so that they never get out from under.

The Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in the Bill Clinton vs Paula Jones case that presidents could be sued civilly while in office.

(Full disclosure: I totally disagreed with the ruling, and still do.)

Some will say that subjecting the president to lawsuits will distract him from his duties.

What duties?

Golfing? Campaigning? Slandering innocent people? What does this man actually do of consequence that makes this argument work?


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Eric Golub is the author of The Tygrrrr Express. His books, Ideological Bigotry, Ideological Violence, and Ideological Idiocy are available now.



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