The Super Bowl of Illegal Immigration: We demolished the Democrats on Worldwide Live Television

Last Friday night, we might have saved the future of Texas and America by finally bringing the Republican point of view on Arizona's latest law to the national forefront. For weeks I have been pushing for a principled response to the left's cheap propaganda, and we finally got it in a huge way. The showdown of epic proportions was on Univision, the premiere Spanish television network around the world. Just to get an idea how much messaging control this network has at this moment over the minds and hearts of some of your neighbors, the TV Station with the most viewers overall in the United States is KMEX Channel 34 Univision in Los Angeles. Also last year Univision passed up NBC for the coveted 18-34 year old demographic nationwide. Already pundits and the blogosphere has described this event as a tense and powerful historic event where there was an emotionally charged clash of Republican versus Democrat. So intense that at the end of the debate, security guards could be seen asking the audience to just take it easy. No matter the difficulty and the media odds that are stacked against Texas Republicans, we must engage these battles with passion and sincerity. The opposition is already laying down the foundations for a generational curse of biblical proportions upon the Latino vote. Their weapons of choice are the cheap but effective race card and the we "feel your pain" card. We better get our PATHOS game on, if not we will be left in the dust in the upcoming election years. The media is giving us a huge opportunity not only to defend our stance on rule of law, border security but also to win the overall message war. We have the artillery in our arsenal, Adolfo Franco and Adryana Boyne both Republicans, together weaved a perfect response for Texas Republicans to study. Adryana Boyne not only happens to be my good friend and the National Director of VOCES Action, but the Latino National Republican Coalition of Texas National Committeewoman. This Friday I could be no more proud her and our Republican colleagues Representative Lincoln Diaz Balart of Florida, and Adolfo Franco who hit back against the misinformation and spin of the left and brought the much needed emotional appeal Republicans had been missing.

Friday night was a ratings bonanza for Univision. Every key player in the discussion was present. Even Sheriff Joe Arpaio spoke and trust me, it was a total setup job as his appointed interpreter who spoke over his responses, in Spanish, sounded like a snobbish, tyrannical old man. There is no doubt in my mind this was done on purpose. Part of the left's goon squad was Illinois Democratic Representative Luis Gutierrez, the Obama acolyte made sure to muddy the waters with his much expected emotional crocodile tears of "the hurting children." Now of course we understand the pain and the dynamics of the situation, but his advocacy of this vulnerable group is too politically convenient and only focused on the social justice aspect to believe. His goal is add votes to the Democrat side wihout concern for the unintended consequences of their power grabbing actions.There were Minutemen founders, La Raza spokespersons, Obama advisers, lawyers, activists and all in all the mix was perfect for a television showdown. The conversation suprisingly began as a nationwide civics class on law. An honest attempt by a confident young Latino State Congressman from Arizona to explain that the law was being misrepresented in the media, was quickly shoved into the darkness when Gutierrez began his patented racist accusations and speaking of how he would be arrested for being brown. Of course as I expected the controlled back and forth exploded into a Jerry Springer like show once the race card was dropped and stereotypes began to fly. Adolfo Franco of the McCain campaign countered with a very passionate defense of Arizona, masterfully showing leadership in front of the nation. If you think our grassroots discussions on illegal immigration within the Republican Party are heated, you should have seen this debate which was viewed.

The hosts loved the fireworks and kept the discussion on this path while the audience began to interrupt each other and have their own discussions in the background. Balart and Franco, both Republicans, countered with blaming Obama and the federal government for its inaction, which was a serious home run tactic. Trust me, blaming Obama is the best weapon to use right now. When a candidate spends millions of dollars with commercials of Mariachis singing in Spanish about Obama being for the people, and the same messiah like figure all of a sudden forgets his promises to appease the unions, the people will become very angry.The Republican part must pound the federal government and dare the Democrats to try and push immigration reform. This issue is for ours to steal, and lead with a sensible plan.

Then there was the story of young students dreaming of going to college, I was praying that the Univision producers were not smart enough to make Sheriff Joe, on live worldwide television, state whether he would detain these kids, gladly they moved on back to the race issue. This could have been our potential meltdown of the night. Now let me bring you the moment where the game changed in favor of the Republican Party. The momentum shifted when our good friend Adryana Boyne put a conservative one- two combination for the whole world to see. First the Univision producers attempted to spin the "Domino effect" of law and order as sort of an epidemic with high tech graphics, like an earthquake or some other natural disaster on a flashy map on the TV screen. The tie in was Texas and how it would respond. Adryana Boyne gave the answer of the night, as she shifted the conversation from emotion and race to a principled discussion on securing the border FIRST, laying out a sensible immigration reform package next, and making sure we uphold rule of law. It was not the answer that got the attention of the host, the audience and the world. It was her tone and her sincerity. She began by explaining that Rick Perry and Texas would step in and take care of their situation as Texas sees fit. She then managed to pile on Obama, blaming him once again but this time with a direct hit that got the audience to clap in approval. The moment of impact came when Adryana mentioned the need for a Sensible Immigration Reform. The discussion through her tone and tactic changed from race based politics to a problem solving approach which received the approval of everyone. The Republicans at this point became the leaders of how this problem should be solved. While the Democrats, La Raza and the extreme left were still crying about straw man injustices, Adryana inserted the new dynamic of actually having Republicans lead on this thorny issue. In a short few moments, she bought our Governor political capital and locked up votes in the Hispanic community, mentioning what the position is of the Governor regarding Texas, changed the tone of the poisonous debate, mentioned that we need to protect our borders fist, respect our laws and then find a suitable, realistic, sensible immigration policy, gave our Senator John Cornyn the leadership role on this issue in front of the Latino community, and won the hearts and minds of viewers which in the end equals voters. Do you want to know how bad we crushed them on live television? The next day the SEIU union spokesperson explained their frustration on Univision by blaming their lackluster showing on "bad information being disseminated on SB 1070 and Univision." Even one critic said that the Republicans were more reassuring in their responses, and that the left lacked the passion needed to make their case. He even went on to say that Obama was masterfully exposed for using the illegal immigrants as a temporary political tool, and the Republicans managed to unmask his agenda in front of the nation. Now is the time to fight back, with the emotion and principled plans we can bring to the table. The left is very vulnerable on this issue right now!

This Super Bowl of Illegal Immigration was stacked against the Republicans, with loaded questions and the Democrats throwing the race card left and right. I have to applaud the Republicans for coming out with a strong game plan that night, just like they did when Representative Paul Ryan of Winsconsin demolished Obama at the so called "Health Care Summit" However we must push now with our emotional, and Pathos style defenses and attacks when it comes to our actions. Rest assured that this issue is not monopolized by the Democratic party anymore. It will take strategy, patience and conservatism in context to get the job done. With friends like Adryana Boyne, Adolfo Franco and others in the GOP there is no doubt in my mind, that if we keep maneuvering effectively we can secure our borders and reinstate the rule of law for future generations without losing the Latino vote. Our remaining challenges are to take down the social justice machine, recognize the power of our principles when we apply them justly and in a consistent manner and give our Republican leaders the political capital to maneuver and score the necessary points to get the job done.

I want to add some points that the Republican Party better listen to or we will lose the messaging war. According to the lastest AP/Univision Poll, 73% of Latinos believe that the Arizona law is racially focused on Hispanics. Also only 32% of those polled admit that they know the law well or have some grasp of what the law actually says, this according the an AP/Univision Poll. This means that the Latino community is listening to the echo chamber of the media and believes the nuances of Jorge Ramos and others who are from Univision, Telemundo, and Spanish Radio. This also means, OPPORTUNITY. If we can keep penetrating the airwaves, just showing up, and passionately explain our position, we will win the messaging war while upholding rule of law. We can keep the Latino vote AND secure our border, it just has to be said right. It is not easy but it can be done. We'll keep fighting.

Below is a clip of the debate, and here is a quick explanation of what is taking place: McCain's advisor Adolfo Franco is defending the motives for having a law like Arizona's, while calling out La Raza's representative and Arizona Republican State Congressman Montenegro mentioning that the racial aspect of the law does not exist. Obama's goon Luis Gutierrez is injecting the dirty tactic of a race based argument, claiming that he would be arrested for simply being Latino. Here the discussion became poisonous.  


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I wish there were English subtitles on this video... my Spanish isn't very good, I didn't really understand what they were talking about. =(

Artemio Muniz gives a description right above the video of what is being discussed.

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