Inspiring Action Conference

Many Americans in the United States are asking what could be a good ticket for the presidential nomination. The candidates in the Republican Party have been on the race for several months, some for several years. One thing...
During the Hispanic Leadership Networks Inspiring Action Conference in Miami, Florida Jan. 26-27, Jeb Bush Jr., who is the Chairman of SUN PAC. FL, gave an interview for VOCES Action and TexasGOPVote.
Florida had their second Hispanic Leadership Network Conference in Miami, Florida Jan. 26-27. Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida spoke to VOCES Action and regarding the importance of the Latino Vote. I have met Gov....
During the Hispanic Leadership Networks Inspiring Action Conference in Miami, Florida Jan. 26-27, I had a conversation with Senator Norm Coleman. My husband and I had met Senator Coleman back in 2008 in Minnesota at the...

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