selling out America

According to Newsmax,
Today, I issued the following statement regarding the release of a White House report detailing security lapses prior to al Qaeda’s attempted bombing of a Detroit-bound airliner.
Obama once said in a meeting of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Phoenix:If a project doesn't support our troops, we will not fund it. If a system doesn't perform, we will terminate it. And if Congress sends me a defense bill...
Gotta love Mark Steyn! Here is a great comment he had regarding Senator Mary Landrieu putting her vote up for sale.
John F. Harris outlines seven storylines that the Obama White House doesn't want you to know in his Politico article "7 stories Barack Obama doesn't want told," and TexasGOPVote is adding seven new tags to help our readers...
Democrats are still trying to meet behind closed doors for the reconciliation of the health care bill. But wasnt it Obama himself who promised the American people during his campaign that C-SPAN would cover the debate? See...
After the Christmas day attempted terrorist attack, former Vice President Dick Cheney gave his criticism regarding Obama's inadequate reaction:
Obama is beginning to become known as a pushover patsy more and more everyday. This notion began when Obama would lay down the lines and then let people cross them without consequences.
Poor Golf Digest. They had no idea of the controversy that would unfold when the magazine's January 2010 issue went to press November 14, well before news would surface of Tiger's numerous affairs.
Texas GOP Vote has started compiling a list of evidence showing how the Democats are isolating groups of voters. This list continues from "Are the Democrats Digging Their Own Grave? - Part 2." 



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