Take Your Opinion And Shove It

I certainly can’t recall 2 years when I’ve seen an administration barrel its agenda directly into the wing, whether political or judicial. George W. Bush resolutely prosecuted the war in Iraq, even as its public popularity sank. Though I regretted much that he did, I credited him for that; putting his convictions about security and protection of Iraqis above American polls. I do think American military force should be applied modestly and we should encourage others to develop their own defense establishment rather than rest in a hammock of American defense. But, I don’t think we should be indifferent to either developing security threats or the oppression and suffering of others. But, consider the ways in which Obama, whether with or without Congressional help, has faced repudiation and determined to run either over or around it.

In the case of the misnamed “stimulus package,” there was a strong Democratic Congressional majority, though they passed the largest spending bill in history with no Republican votes in The House and only 3 Republican votes in The Senate. One of them, Sphin…err Specter, soon switched to Democrat for a chance to win reelection…he lost in the Democrat primary. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. But,

  1. A year was spent trying to push through a restructuring command health care law that was violently opposed by the American people the entire time and was rebuked even by the voters of Massachusetts who elected a Republican to Ted Kennedy’s seat who ran as the 41st Senate vote to stop the health care bill. The final nail, right? OH NOO! Bend over, America! Here it comes! Since there now could be no pushing of a resolution bill through both houses, the only path was to get The House to pass the previously passed Senate bill (which it hated) and pass an additional bill to make changes. Then the Senate had to use a Reconciliation process to pass those changes with a bare majority rather than 60 votes. The Reconciliation process had been designed by West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd to resolve budget discrepancies. Byrd said to use that for such sweeping and substantial policy change as a health care overhaul would be an outrage. A majority opposed it when it was passed and still today. According to Rasmussen Reports, 58% of Americans favor its repeal No matter, America: take your opinion and shove it!
  2. Obama and other liberal faithful had had their hearts set on passing a “cap & trade bill to tax and restrict carbon emissions. Many really believe that this is to blunt supposed “climate change.” But conveniently (???), this plan would also mean a gusher of not oil, but new tax revenue…at least until it killed so many businesses that pay taxes. But after the health care marathon, the was no appetite and no chance for getting cap & trade through The Senate. So, that’s dead, right? OH NOO! The EPA declared carbon dioxide to be a pollutant. Think about that. CARBON DIOXIDE! You couldn’t make this stuff up. The idea that carbon dioxide would be declared a pollutant and a threat to render planet Earth uninhabitable would have been an absolute joke not very long ago. But this has been so blustered onto the public that it’s like a religious doctrine for some people. People believe it enough to where some companies use it as a marketing tool. This story has been a real eye-opener. I have to wonder how long it would take television marketing to convince some people that the moon was made of green cheese. Anyway, the EPA will supposedly now regulate it without a law. Take your opinion and shove it!
  3. Now, I don’t even think the Arizona immigration bill is going to be effective, and I think the problem is the law and its maintenance or lack thereof, more than the immigrants. But given what the law is and the total federal dereliction in enforcing it and in maintaining ordinary border regulation, I support Arizona’s decision to take matters into its own hands. I’m glad they faced up to the federal government. And polls show that around 60% of Americans and 70% of Arizonans support the bill. At first, the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement said he might not process illegal aliens turned over by Arizona, essentially BRAGGING that he wouldn’t do the job for which the taxpayers pay him. But, the federal government has announced that it will bring suit against the Arizona law, even while it says it will take some time to determine what their case is and how they will make it. Did you get that? They determined to sue BEFORE they decided why, even in the face of adverse public opinion. Once again, take your opinion and shove it!
  4. Now, we’ve had this platform explosion and oil spill in The Gulf of Mexico. And in its wake, the Obama administration has taken the opportunity to impose a 6-month ban on oil drilling in the gulf. It would be longer than that because the equipment will leave and go elsewhere, and take thousands of jobs with them. Before this process could begin, a federal judge ruled that the administration had not justified its decision and overstepped. The administration immediately asserted its intention to impose a new ban. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal begged them not to press this. First, they asked for a stay of this decision to continue drilling, but they were rebuked again. So, they plan to appeal and press their case through the courts, and have asked for a stay pending the appeals process. For many years, liberals have insisted that court decisions are final: “the law of the land.” Well, not exactly. Latin for “law” is “legis.” Legislatures make law. Anyway, I’m anxious to watch the case go forward and relish seeing the administration lose this and the Arizona case. Anyway in the meantime, take your opinion and shove it!

Obama is a headstrong young man, isn’t he?


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We have elected a thin-skinned boy-who-would-be-president, the Son of Carter.  The Peter Principle at work.

America, your chickens are coming home to roost.

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