A Tea Party Protester Spitting on Emanuel Cleaver: The Did He Or Didn't He Controversy

There has been much controversy over whether or not a Tea Party protester spit on Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver a couple weeks ago at the Code Red Kill Bill Rally in Washington, D.C. Liberals wanted Cleaver to press charges and Conservatives wanted proof of the incident. Andrew Breitbart even offered quite a sizable monetary reward for anyone with proof:

I smelled a rat so I offered at first $10k five days after the highly publicized alleged incidents happened. How could we be five full news cycles into this major controversy and not have any evidence? In fact, the existing footage showed the Congressional Black Caucus walking and never once moving their heads toward any “racist outbursts.”
...We are now two weeks since the bill was signed and the $10k reward jumped to $20k in a day after it was mentioned on both Hannity and O’Reilly. At the Searchlight Tea Party event last weekend I upped the ante to $100k. So where’s the evidence?

A video of the incident then surfaced (fast forward to 2:00 into the clip):

This video doesnt really give any hard evidence for or against. Cleaver is obviously angry at the protester, but whether or not he spit intentionally or even spit at all is still unknown. Bruce Maiman from the Examiner makes a good point:

Conclusive? Like it matters? Even in the face of facts, weve reached a point where many of us believe what we want. The protester could go on Hannitys program and admit categorically that he deliberately spat at Cleaver and there would be conservatives in denial. Cleaver could come out and say he was making the whole thing up, or that he was mistaken and liberals would be in denial.

Emanuel Cleaver has recently made some noteworthy remarks, saying it could have been an accident, it was unintentional, there was a lot of commotion, etc.

This kind of statement or positioning is something that is more positive as a whole for the country right now. Now we can just get past this because it seems like the media has tried to make a big deal about something that may not have even happened, or if it did, was inadvertant and probably an accident... Havent you ever had droplets of spit fly out of your mouth when you are emotionally charged and yelling?


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