Temporary Platform Committee Meeting Notes

These notes from the June 10th Temporary Platform Committee Meeting provide the TexasGOPVote community an inside look as to the work being done on the construction of the Platform for the Republican Party of Texas.

All debate and testimony regarding the June 9th meeting decisions are postponed until Friday night's permanent platform committee meeting. This is the temporary committee working on the temporary document.

There is discussion of Republican Party of Texas principles and priorities. Some of the wording is changed in the existing principles and priorities. Discussion is made over what should be in included in the priorities. A committee member explains that if too many additional priorities are added to this section, then the points made in the platform will not be taken as seriously.

A committee member asks to insert the opposition of gambling into the priorities. The amendment is passed to say "Oppose any effort to expand gambling."

A committee member says a reason to opposing gambling is because special interest groups use a lot of money to fund candidates that may support gambling, so the platform should clearly state that any expansion of gambling is opposed.

Another committee member does not agree with this amendment, stating that it is none of the government's business whether or not he decides to play poker. He is a grownup and has the right to make his own decisions.

The amendment is passed.

An amendment to the priorities is made to urge the passage of legislation to require voter ID. This amendment was passed with no debate.

Shirley Spellerberg, who has served on the platform committee six times announces that this will be her last time serving.

The temporary committee meeting is adjourned.


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