Texas AG Opinion on Teachers Unions Use of School District Funds

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott issued an opinion Friday (GA-0774) stating that teachers unions cannot legally use school district resources to process payroll deductions as political donations. According to The Lone Star Report, GOP State Rep. Leo Berman calls Abbott's statement below a "biggie" and says that "basically, it's going to mean that Democrats are going to have to raise money like we [Republicans] do."

"Because the Legislature has not expressly or impliedly authorized school districts to process payroll deductions for contributions to political committees, such as TSTA-PAC and NEA-Fund, Texas law prohibits school districts from processing such contributions."

The following statement was made by the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Cathie Adams, regarding this issue:

“This is a great day for freedom for Texas teachers. I have been working on this issue for years, and it’s long been clear to me that many teachers feel pressured to join these associations and sign on to the payroll deductions, only to find their own dollars used in causes and campaigns that they don’t agree with. Now, teachers across Texas may choose to engage in politics or not, and give to the causes that they truly support, not causes that the union bosses dictate. Teachers can now choose how their own money is spent, because these groups and associations won’t be taking it away from them before they ever see it.”


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