Texas Congressmen Speak and Listen to Crowd at Capitol to Kill Healthcare Bill

After massive crowd of tens of thousands of concerned citizens participated in the Code Red Rally to kill the health care bill, thousands converged in front of the Capitol to make their voices heard. Several House representatives, including Texas Representatives Ted Poe (TX CD-2) and Louie Gohmert (Texas CD-1) heard the American people and appeared on the steps of the capitol to hear the crowd and to listen and speak to the crowd and provide latest news on what was happening in the Rules Committee inside.

Representative Gohmert provided the crowd with several updates including sharing a quote from the President that day. Gohmert quoted the President as saying that "instead of having five tests when you go to the doctor, you'll just get one!" and "I cannot guarantee that this is good politics." Gohmert went on to explain that in order to make up this latest healthcare bill, HR3590, the House democrats "took the Armed Forces home buyers bill, stripped out every word of it and put their bill into it!"

Ted Poe addressed the crowd earlier and reiterated points made earlier in the day to the crowd on the West side of the Capitol grounds that this healthcare bill is unconstitutional and should be killed!

About a dozen members of the House listened to the crowd and spoke to them from the steps on Saturday evening. Rep. Steve King (Iowa) was present throughout and helped introduce the other representatives and helped keep the crowd informed about the latest rules committee proceedings. All of the representatives reiterated the point that the noise of the crowd could be heard inside of the Capitol building and that at one point, the rules committee meeting room was emptied because of the noise the crowd was making outside! At several times the crowd chanted "we won't go 'til they vote no!"

Some of the representatives who came to listen to and address the crowd (not a complete list) included Ted Poe (Texas), Louie Gohmert (Texas), Steve King (Iowa), Jean Schmidt (Ohio), Tom McClintock (California), Jack Kingston (Georgia), Scott Garrett (New Jersey), Rob Bishop (Utah) and several others.

As the evening turned to night, Steve King praised the crowd for their work and said that their voice is of utmost importance and that it is being heard inside. It was the crowd that helped defeat "deem and pass" in the rules committee earlier in the day. Rep. King then advised the crowd to get their rest and return the next day to make their voices heard again. A prayer was led by Rep. Gohmert and then the crowd dispersed and many proceeded to the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court building for an evening candlelight vigil.

[Note to readers: if any readers can fill in names of other Congressmen present on the steps of the Capitol on Saturday evening, please add to comments!]

Rep. Ted Poe (TX) speaks to crowd.

Ted Poe, wide angle, view of crowd

Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX) addresses the crowd.

Congressmen cheering the crowd, Ted Poe at left.

Congressmen on steps of Capitol talking to crowd and providing latest updates on status of deem and pass and the Rules Committee proceedings.

Ted Poe motions to fellow congressmen showing the extent of the crowd making noise in front of the capitol.

Some signs shown by the crowd in front of Capitol building.

Picture of the crowd.

"I want YOU to foot the bill!"

Rep Bishop (Utah) was in jogging outfit; he came to Capitol to speak to crowd.

Rep. Jean Schmidt (Ohio)

Reps stay into the evening.

Congress stays in session into evening.

Candlelight vigil begins in front of Supreme Court building, see also Texas flag in crowd.


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