Texas Democrats' So-Called "Watchdog" Misses Major Democrat Ethics Violations

The following press release came in from the Republican Party of Texas:

For a self-proclaimed "watchdog," Democrat puppetmaster and activist Matt Angle manages to miss a lot. As several Texas Democrats have been hit with trials and ethics probes and corruption trials, and the Democrats' nominee for governor faces growing questions about his business dealings, Matt Angle has preferred to say nothing about his fellow Democrats while launching baseless attacks against Republicans.

"Matt Angle calls himself a watchdog, but he is the proverbial fox watching the henhouse," said Republican Party of Texas spokesman Bryan Preston. "The fact is, while Angle and his tangle of money pots and front groups create smoke where there's no fire on our side, his own party is burning down around him. This is their convention week, but if you look at some of the headlines, Angle's presiding over a convention in crime."

Former Democratic state Rep. Terri Hodge of Dallas reported to jail this week following her conviction on bribery charges. Angle said nothing. State Rep. Joe Heflin (HD-85) got slapped with fines for campaign finance violations this week. Angle said nothing. Democratic state Rep. Kino Flores is under indictment for a range of corruption charges. Angle said nothing about that. And the Democratic Party's nominee for governor, Bill White, has come under scrutiny for failing to disclose all of his tax returns during his years in public service. He has also come under fire for his relationship with BTEC, a company he steered business to following Hurricane Rita when he was mayor of Houston, and whose majority owner was paying him at the time.

And Angle said nothing.

Also saying nothing about any of these Democrat crimes and scandals are the leftwing front groups allied to Angle's goal to elect Democrats in Texas by any means necessary - the Soros-funded Texans for Public Justice and the Texas Values in Action Coalition, whose chief funder, Steve Mostyn, is also funding a Democratic state House candidate.

Angle has, however, admitted to colluding with Democrats in the state House to block voter photo ID, which is supported by about 70% of Texans across all political and demographic lines (Quorum Report, March 26, 2010).

According to a January 2010 Roll Call report, Matt Angle controls the Texas Democratic Trust, which in turn controls the Texas Democratic Party via the Trust's millions of dollars. The Trust's chief source of funding is the estate of the late Fred Baron, who made headlines in 2008 for paying to help conceal the relationship between former Democratic Senator, vice presidential nominee and presidential candidate John Edwards and his then campaign videographer, Rielle Hunter.

From the Washington, DC rowhouse where he pulls the Texas Democrats' strings, Angle said nothing about that, too.

1. Former Democrat state Rep. Terri Hodge goes to jail this week
2. Democrat State Rep. Kino Flores remains under corruption indictment
3. Democrat State Rep. Joe Heflin fined for campaign finance violations
4. Bill White under fire for business dealings as mayor of Houston
5. Deafeaning silence from Matt Angle/TPJ/TDP/TEXVAC


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