Texas District Democrats Who Voted For Obama Health Care Reform Bill List

Texas democrats that voted for the health care bill (HR 3590) amid backroom deals and an executive order are in a list that includes 25th, 28th, and 29th Texas Congressional Districts and will be challenged by the GOP election candidates in the November 2010 Election. The final yes count came in spite of Judge Kithil's analysis against reform and Republican Congressman Randy Neugebauer's "baby killer" outcry. See the list to find out which Democrats voted yes and the Republican candidates that will be running against them.

The majority of America may have wanted Obama to be the president of the United States back in 2008, but the majority of America DID NOT want this health care bill that Obama signed into law today, and the majority of America WILL NOT vote Obama into a second term! His lies and deceit may have gotten him into office, but they will also also get him kicked out of office come the 2012 Presidential Election!


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