Texas GOP Call to Action: A Date with Destiny

You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.

-President Ronald Reagan

These words are truer today than they were when Ronald Reagan spoke them. With the assaults on our freedom that we have experienced these last several months, with huge life-changing proposals on the table this summer there has never been a more important time to act.  This summer's proposals include: Socialization of our health care system - which will ration health care, and has been a dismal failure wherever it has been implemented; a Cap and Trade Energy Policy, which will cause your energy bills to double (in the best case scenarios) with virtually no benefit to the environment; Union Card Checks, which strip away the right to a secret ballot and are sure to continue the demise of our economy (just look at GM and the other automobile manufacturers where out-of-control union contracts have contributed to the economic collapse of companies); The fairness doctrine, with many initiatives from the left to curtail free speech, would silence voices upon whom we have depended for news and viewpoints that balance the liberal-biased print and television media.


We have perilous times ahead of us my friends. Those of us who have been the Silent Majority have led busy lives pursuing education, building careers, building families, and protecting our communities. We have left the business of politics, to a large part, to Someone Else. Someone else has been left to hold our elected representatives accountable for their actions. Someone else has pushed legislation that we have not approved of. We have entrusted someone else to defend and speak for our viewpoints ... but someone else has not done the job. My challenge to you today is to get involved; get involved before we lose the ability to engage those who would destroy our country. The enemies of freedom have focused on Texas - as they know if they gain control here, the rest of the nation is an easy take. They have invested millions of dollars, countless hours of time organizing their followers, and through deception have motivated individuals whose worldview is in direct opposition to ours.


How may you help, you ask? With our national officials showing zero leadership, we must focus on our local party and precincts, and rebuild the Republican Party in Texas from the ground up. I urge you today to contact your precinct chair, or if you dont have one, contact me and I will help you become involved.


Our party needs your finances as well please consider giving any amount of gift you can. For you Harris County residents you can donate directly to the Harris County Republican Party. For my fellow Texans outside of Harris County, you can contact the Republican Party of Texas to find out where to donate. No matter how small our piggy banks might be, we can always find funds for those things that are important to us. Nothing is too small to help us in our effort to save this state and this country. We must stand in the void, rise up, and make our voices and votes heard loud and clear to save ourselves from the Marxist initiatives that are headed our way! Please remember, Deeds, not words, are what counts! When we leave this world will our children be able to say that we did all that could be done?


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