Texas GOP Featured Voice: Adryana Boyne

Adryana Boyne is a Political Commentator and an Official National Surrogate of the Republican National Committee (RNC) to the Media on Hispanic Affairs. Mrs. Boyne is the National Director of VOCES Action, a non-profit organization that helps to inform, motivate, and equip the Latinos in America in returning our country to its conservative values and to educate and help the non- Latinos to engage with the Latino community.

Boyne was elected at-large as a National Delegate at the 2008 Texas GOP Convention. Born in Puebla, Mexico, she became naturalized as an American citizen in 1994. She has received a Presidential appointment as a Member of the Texas Board of the Selective Services. (Appointment was given by President Barack Obama on 02/04/09 under the recommendation of President George W. Bush.)

Remarkably articulate and influential, Adryana, a Latino who supports conservative issues, has spoken on the Hispanic issues in local, national, and international media. She co-hosts a radio Talk show on current political issues on My View with Silvio Canto twice a week. She appears frequently on Spanish television in the Dallas Fort Worth area (Univision,Telemundo, and FOX) and in National TV news (Univision, CNN, Telemundo news). She has also been interviewed in English speaking national television stations (CNN, CBS, FOX, ABC), International TV (Televisa-Mexico, French TV, Spain-TV, Egypt TV), several radio programs (Point of View with Kerby Anderson, My view with Silvio Canto, KCBI with Sharon Geiger, bilingual National Radio, Radio Bilingue, Univision Radio and El Consentido), and for newspaper articles (Dallas Morning News, Periodico Al Dia, Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express, Star News, Flower Mound Leader, News Connection, Denton County, Latino Leader and Latino Midwest). She has debated on several occasions, live and through TV, and in Latino Summits against liberal representatives and elected officials like Rep. Roberto Alonzo , Rep. Jessica Farrar, Rep. Rafael Anchia and Steve Salazar (Dallas city council).

Adryana travels frequently in Texas, Washington, D.C., and different states to keep informed, interact, and engage with the Latino community and the non-Latino community. She was a National Delegate at-large at the Republican National Convention (2008) and an Alternate Delegate at the Texas GOP Convention. Adryana has been a chapter leader of Concerned Women for America (CWA), the nation's largest public policy women's organization with a rich 29-year history of helping our members across the country bring Biblical principles into all levels of public policy. She supports pro-life issues, pro-traditional marriage, protection of US borders, pro-dialogue to find realistic solutions for the immigration problem, second amendment rights, and limits to government growth and spending. She is married to an ordained minister, Dr. Daryl Boyne. Together they have two sons.

Adryana functions as a bridge of communication between the Republican Party and the Media. As a Conservative activist and as a frequent keynote speaker, Adryana is committed to share with the Latino Community the conservative side on issues so they can be informed accurately and faithfully, and with the non-Latino citizens to educate them and empower them with the keys to engage with the Latino community.

You can follow Adryana Boyne on Twitter.


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