Texas GOP Featured Voice: The Republican Governors Association

The Republican Governors Association is the key to a GOP Comeback. The RGA's primary mission is to help elect Republicans to governorships throughout the nation, but the association is also dedicated to providing our governors with the resources to help them govern effectively.

The image to the right is of the RGA's chairman, Governor Haley Barbour.

The RGA is the most innovative and disciplined political committee in the country. Its political team has experience running state parties and winning gubernatorial campaigns. The RGA runs political campaigns that go far beyond simply running negative TV ads in the last few weeks before the election. The association reach voters everywhere they get their news, from TV and radio to direct mail and the internet. The RGA embraces new technology and the latest campaign practices, allowing for cost-effective campaigns that break through the political clutter. Most importantly, every dollar the RGA raises between now and the end of 2010 will go towards electing more Republican governors.

THe RGA knows that getting elected is only the first step in transforming a state and the nation. Our governors are able to apply conservative principles to solve problems and implement reform policies that serve as models for the rest of the nation. That’s why the RGA organizes forums and other avenues through which governors can share ideas and best practices.

Over the past 15 years Republican governors have been able to lead the way by enacting tort reform, cutting taxes, raising educational standards, providing new energy solutions and implementing other conservative principles.

You can follow the RGA on Twitter.


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