Texas GOP Vote Blogger Manny Rosales Discusses Conservative Inclusion at CPAC 2011

TexasGOPVote blogger and former deputy director of Coalitions at the Republican National Committee, Manny Rosales participated in a roundtable discussion at CPAC 2011 Saturday. The topic of discussion? - "Conservative Inclusion."

Manny says that the long term objective of not only the GOP, but of conservatives as well, is to grow and win elections. Manny said that coalitions, temporary alliances based on common issues, are instrumental in achieving this goal. "Different communities came out against health care" he said. According to Manny, the common thread was the issue. "You have to be smart about the issues."

A prong of this strategy is outreach, providing services to the community beyond the conventional limits. In implementing this strategy, Manny created a program called "Surrogate Training 101." The purpose of which is to "teach and inform the grassroots how to be able to communicate, more effectively, the message for our candidates and for our issues." he said. 

Manny believes that purpose of the party is not to dictate from Washington, but to assist the grassroots communities. "The purpose of the party is leveraging what exists and using these multipliers to be able to grow the party, because it can't be done in D.C." He went on to say "What we have to do here, what the party has to do, is provide the structure...provide information and materials and the educational aspects for [the grassroots] to be more effective."

Manny stressed the importance of reaching out to "non-traditional" conservatives. "Where is the growth?" he asked. According to Manny, fifty-thousand Hispanics reach the age of 18 every month "for the party to grow, we have to grow in other communities," he said. Manny says that the Hispanic community care about more than just immigration. According to him "[Hispanics] have the same values as the Republican Party principles...one of the number one issues to the Latino community is education, it wasn't immigration, education, 94%. The next issue was health care, 91%...then the economy and jobs, 91%. Crime 84%. And then immigration, 79% - so when they say it's immigration, yes it's important, but when you look at that community, there are other issues that are more important in their mind."

Manny concluded his remarks by stating a plan for long term growth: "We have to tap into [the grassroots] network, we have to multiply it - and by that I mean that we have to have the right messengers and the right message."

Also participating in the discussion were Timothy F. Johnson, president of the Frederick Douglass Society; Mario Lopez, from the Hispanic Leadership Fund; and C.J. Jordan, Outreach Director on John McCain's 2008 Presidential campaign.  The discussion was sponsored by the Conservative Inclusion Coalition and was moderated by Suhail Khan.


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