Texas Governor's Race Heats Up: GOP Candidates Make Last Minute Campaign Stops

As Texas  GOP voters go off to vote in today's Primary election, there is still much speculation on whether Texas will know its GOP Gubernatorial candidate tonight, or if this will be settled in an April run-off election.

Will Rick Perry receive at least 50% of the votes, making him the winner of the primary election? According to the early voting polls, Debra Medina is farthest behind in the polls, but will she be able to garner enough support in today's election to knock out Kay Bailey Hutchison and go up against Rick Perry in a run-off election? Or will there be a run-off election between Perry and KBH? View the videos of the candidates' last minute campaign stops below:

Rick Perry traveled to four major Texas cities focusing his speeches on jobs and the economy:

Kay Bailey Hutchison traveled to 6 different Texas cities with the purpose of touching as many voters face-to-face as possible:

Debra Medina did not crisscross the state in a final push, but instead, went to work at her medical consulting business. Medina sent a last minute message from Wharton, via the Internet.


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