Texas Speaker - The Race Heats Up with Rep. Ken Paxton

Texas State Rep Ken Paxton (R-McKinney) ads more fuel to the fire in the Texas Speaker's race by withdrawing his pledge from Speaker Straus and tossing his own name in for consideration for the position of Speaker of the Texas House.

Paxton is serving in his 4th term as the representative from McKinney. He carries a 95% Conservative rating.  Following is his statement about his candidacy:

“Today, on Veterans Day, we honor the service of those who have given so much to our state and nation, many of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice. It seems appropriate that we focus on how we can best protect our hard-won freedoms which are increasingly under attack.

On Election Day, we witnessed a monumental shift in the political climate, and I believe that historic opportunities demand bold action in defense of our conservative values. Voters across Texas sent a clear message that they favor leadership dedicated to protecting our freedoms and fighting government growth. Texans have provided us with an historic mandate, and they expect us to use this mandate to honestly advance conservative principles and not simply protect the status quo. These goals can only be accomplished with a conservative Speaker.

In January, members of the Texas State Legislature have a unique opportunity and an obligation to do more than simply balance the budget without raising taxes. We also have an opportunity to: 

  • Implement measures to reduce property taxes permanently over time; 
  • Aggressively fight back on the federal government’s invasion on the rights of Texans, and in fact reclaim our state sovereignty; 
  • Limit our state government’s ability to grow beyond the rate of inflation and population; 
  • Pass true immigration reform and implement photo id; 
  • Provide opportunities for individuals and families to make important decisions such as health care options that are free from governmental intrusion and mandates; and 
  • Challenge ourselves to bring solutions to the table that create jobs, sustain economic prosperity, and continue to make Texas a shining light for generations to come. 

Republicans have the opportunity to unify behind a conservative Speaker who can effectively lead our Party on the principles our citizens espouse. As someone who has continuously served as an advocate for conservative principles, I am announcing my candidacy for the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.

Texans have clearly asked us to advance their values, promote conservative policies and follow a path of longterm economic prosperity, and I stand ready to serve as the leader to accomplish these goals. I welcome the opportunity to work with my colleagues in the Legislature to address the critical issues we face and implement real solutions that will benefit all Texans.”



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Ken's a sweet man with a good heart and the people in the House will eat him alive. Bless him, he just doesn't have what it takes to really run something like that.

Ken's long on dreams and short on the plan to achieve them.

Straus is the guy we need. I mean, how many more people are Michael Sullivan and Peggy Venable going to put up before they drop this nonsense? It's all a waste of time since we've got the votes to get whatever we want done anyway.

I'm appalled that Rep. Paxton would use the intro of "Veterans Day" to announce his run for House Speaker. I fought hard for our nation in the United States Army. Just as hard as I fought for conservative republicans on Election Day, but not for Paxton to politicize Veterans Day?!

Ken Paxton, you should be ashamed of yourself. And I, for one, on behalf of every other veteran in the Lone Star State, demand an apology.

Bless His Heart, Speaker Straus thinks he can intimidate all the Republicans into supporting him, after he lines up all the Democrats to support him.  

Bless his heart that he thinks the most Republican elected House would want to help him pay back the Democrats with committee chairs. 

Bless his heart that he thinks the people of Texas will sit idly by while he wheels & deals his moderate drivel for another session when we spoke loudly at the ballot box supporting Republican Jason Issaac over Straus Democrat Patrick Rose.

Straus is the guy we need, Pleazzzz.  He backs abortions!!!!!!!!! Do we really want someone that feels that way about human life?  I don't think God would back him.

Rep. Ken Paxton has a strong conservative voting record and is well-qualified to lead the larger Republican maority in the House.

I agree with the principles he has set forth in his candidacy announcement and encourage the Republican majority to vote for Ken Paxton for Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.

Pledges made prior to the election, and before we knew what a conservative sweep we would experience, should be withdrawn. The conservative Patriots have spoken.

Ken Paxton voted to impose a state level Death Tax on all Texans beginning January 1, 2011.  
In 2003, Tommy Merritt had a bill to eliminate state inheritance tax (estate tax), and an associated constitutional amendment, HJR 47.  Paxton was vice chair of Ways and Means, and voted it down in committee, killing it:  http://www.legis.state.tx.us/tlodocs/78R/minutes/html/C4902003051008001.HTM
It didn't matter much back then, because Bush passed an elimination of the Federal Estate Tax, State Tax Allowance, which was phased through 2005, when the Texas Estate Tax was eliminated by operation of federal law; however, since Congress did not extend the elimination past 12/31/2010, the Federal Estate Tax (and the State Tax Allowance) comes back January 1, 2011.  Texas residents who inherit more than $1 million in assets after December 31, 2010 will be liable for Texas Inheritance Tax, which depending on the size of the adjusted taxable estate (which is equal to the amount over $1 million):  http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/26/usc_sec_26_00002011----000-.html
Because Paxton voted to kill Merritt's constitutional amendment repealing the Texas Inheritance Tax, it is still on the books in Chapter 211, Tax Code, http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/Docs/TX/htm/TX.211.htm and will come roaring back 12/31/2010, costing Texas families thousands of dollars upon the death of a loved one.

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