Texas Patriots PAC: get out and vote in local elections like Woodlands Township Elections - Vote is Today

Julie Turner, President of the Texas Patriots PAC, sets an example and stresses the importance of getting out the vote in local elections like today's election for the Woodlands Township Board of Directors. Voting ends today for this election in The Woodlands, Texas, so get out and vote!  The Tea Party vote is making itself heard in The Woodlands and locally across the state and country.  There are many local elections like this around the state and conservatives need to stay informed and get out and vote. (This is not the primary election, that comes later this month!)

According to Julie,

"It's easy to focus on the guy at the top of the ballot, but the elections at the bottom have a much greater impact on our day to day lives. Local elections can dictate how and where we interact in our community, what we can do with our private property, and even how we deal with our trash. It's important to make the best choices on these so-called "down ballot" elections and the Texas Patriots PAC has worked hard to get to know the folks who want to represent Woodlands residents on the Township Board of Directors. Here's how we made our recommendations:"





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