Texas Rep Rob Eissler Nomination Speech for Speaker of the House Joe Straus

State Representative Rob Eissler (HD-15) nominated Joe Straus for Speaker of the House during the start of the 82nd Legislative Session Tuesday. Below are excerpts and video from his speech.

"Now is the time to remember Thomas Paynes wise advice, If we dont hang together, we shall surely hang separately. Two years ago Representative Joe Straus was elected Speaker of the House. That was good news for the Texas House, that was good news for Texas. Many words can describe Joe, honorable, fair, trustworthy, but one word especially comes to mind, and that is respectful. Joe Straus leads with respect. He respects the members, he respects the process, and he respects the House as an institution. He did not force his agenda on the membership, he allowed members to represent their constituents."

"…I know that Joe Straus is the right man to lead us where we want to go; and for those of you who know me, you know I cant resist taking a quote and putting more flavor on it. So to paraphrase one of our generations great philosophers, Mick Jagger, we must remember that we cant always get what we want, but working together, under the leadership of Joe Straus, we will always get what we need."

Listen to the entire nomination speech in the clip below:


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