Texas Republican Legislative Priorities Report Survey Results

Below are the final results of the survey about whether or not the Republican Party of Texas should produce a Legislative Priorities Report.

Results of Legislative Priorities Report Survey:

A couple of months ago I created a Legislative Priorities Survey and posted it up online. The survey was in reference to whether or not the SREC and the Republican Party of Texas should release a Legislative Priorities Report. This report is something that the Republican delegates at the Texas 2010 Republican State Convention voted on. The delegates requested that the State Republican Executive Committee release a report that shows the voting record of all the Republican Elected Officials. This report has been stalled for various reasons. You can read more about this SREC Legislative Priorities controversy by clicking here.

SURVEY RESULTS: Texas Republicans Overwhelmingly Support the Report

This survey was sent to all Republican Leaders in Texas (SREC members and County Chairman). It was also posted online and sent to many other republicans. Both sides of the issue had ample opportunity to express their view on the issue. 340 people from all over Texas took the survey, including State Representatives, Tea Party Leaders, Republican County Chairmen and SREC members.

Do You Believe that the Republican Party of Texas should Publish a Legislative Priorities Report called for in the Republican Platform?
Yes 324
No 12

Do You Believe that a Legislative Priorities Report would Violate Republican Party/SREC Bylaws?
Yes 18
No 305

If it is Determined that a Legislative Priorities Report would violate the Bylaws, Do You Support Changing the Bylaws to allow for this Report?
Yes 320
No 14

There were also 195 individual responses provided to me via this survey, Some wrote just one sentence about what they think and others wrote a couple paragraphs. There are too many responses to put in this article so I have posted all 195 responses on my website.

Click Here to see Entire List of 195 Individual Responses.

As you can see, the response was overwhelmingly in favor of publishing a report, even if that meant changing the SREC bylaws to clarify things.

Furthermore, several Texas County Republican/Conservative Organizations have passed resolutions urging the SREC to vote in favor of changing the bylaws to allow this report. These organizations include County Republican Executive Committees, County Tea Parties, and County Republican Clubs in various areas of Texas, including Travis County, Newton County and Denton County.

Texas Republican State Chairman Steve Munisteri Offers Compromise

State Chairman Steve Munisteri has expressed that he is in favor of publishing a report. He also has to get both sides of the issue to agree on something.

Munisteri recently offered a compromise. There is a program that will, for a price, create a database “report” of bills that were voted on in the last Texas Legislature. Republicans will be able to easily see how their Republican, or Democrat, representative voted for in any of the contested issues. It will be very easy to search for a main topic like “abortion” or “voter id.” This compromise addresses some of the concerns of both sides of the issue and it serves the purpose of allowing Republicans to see how their representative is voting.

SREC Will Vote to Change Bylaws at December 3rd, 2011 Meeting in Austin, TX

In order for ANY report to be approved, including the one that Munisteri suggested, the SREC must change the bylaws to specifically allow a report to be published by the Republican Party of Texas and the State Republican Executive Committee.

There have been at least 2 bylaw changes offered by fellow SREC members. These bylaw changes will be discussed and voted on by the SREC.

A Report will not be Published unless the SREC votes to Change the Bylaws on December 3rd, 2011


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