Texas Republicans Gearing Up for Media War... RNC and LNRC Teaming Up

We are excited about the latest collaboration between the RNC Coalitions from Washington D.C. and LNRC of Texas. On September 18th at St. Marys University in San Antonio, Texas, 150 Texas Republicans will receive high level expert training for free! This is just part of a two day LNRC Texas Convention Weekend, where Friday night we will host Texas Republicans for our annual Convention banquet. We have to thank Manny Rosales for coordinating the entire event!

If you are fierce and opinionated activist, or perhaps you are a good writer, or know someone who needs to be here, please, now is the time to RSVP! We are working on having a very special speaker to appear during the training.

This opportunity can create a new army of media warriors ready to infiltrate the media and push back against the left. The RNC is looking for the next generation of activists ready to work. All Texas Republicans are welcome. Make sure you tell your county chairman, local leaders, local political networks and spread the word!

The LNRC of Texas is dedicated to building up and strengthening the Republican Party from the inside out. As we enter new elections it is important that we equip ourselves at the grassroots level to take our message to all communities in Texas.



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The RNC is looking for "the next generation of activists"? News to grassroots. What exactly does LNRC the club mentioned do to earn grassroots credentials? This is too funny. Same ol Party with new dancers begging to serve.

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