Texas Senator Dan Patrick's Plan to Combat Our Broken Immigration System

The Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC put on a the "America Strikes Back" event October 8th in The Woodlands, TX. Texas Senator Dan Patrick spoke at the event, where he discussed a plan to fix our nation's broken immigration system. Video and excerpts from his speech follows:

"We must be a country of compassion because they're two words we really shouldn't hear. Deportation and amnesty. If you come here illegally and you haven't broken any laws and you're working and supporting your family, building a better life, I'm sorry - we can work out a guest worker program once we secure the border, but you don't get to vote, you don't get to be a citizen. People have paid the price to be here." 

"The second issue is deportation. We're not going to deport 10-12 million people. It's not realistic. So we have to reach out to our Hispanic Americans, who are 10% of our military, who are hardworking folks, who are part of this country, and say, 'Hey look, you have to work with us.'  We have to have a guest worker program because we can have workers come in, but they can't bring in 8 family members. [The American people] do not have the money to pay for 8 other children." 

"So our immigration policy is: end sanctuary cities, secure the border, and after that we need to step to and figure out what to do with the people who are here. Once the border is secured, deport all the criminals. I don't want to deport them now, they'll get back too fast."

"About compassion - I'm tired of Democrats saying they're the people of compassion. Republicans and conservatives take money out of our own pocket, and we help others. And Democrats take money out of our pocket and help others." 

"The truth is we do care. There is not a person in this audience tonight that does not care about his fellow man. That's why you're here. There's not a person here tonight that doesn't want to see the dropout rate in the Black and Hispanic community decline so they have an opportunity at the American Dream. There's not a person here tonight who has a racist bone in his body. There's not a person here tonight that thinks you're better than someone else. The success of the Tea Party movement is because it's a movement of community. Community! We've come out of our homes, and we've come together, and we've found there are a lot of people who think like us."


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