Texas Senators Vote to Legalize Sex with Animals in National Defense Authorization Act

The National Defense Authorization Act will allow the President to use the military to detain Americans on American soil without a trial. I am completely in support of detaining terrorists that we have caught on the battlefield, but detaining Americans on American soil with no trial is just outrageous! Every US citizen should be given due process and a trial.

That is not the only outrageous part of the NDAA. The NDAA also now legalizes bestiality!

Members of the military are pawns of political experiments. Instead of focusing on being a well oiled fighting machine without political distractions, the military has to wade through political experiments hurled their way. Soldiers are told to be completely uniform with no distractions. When politicians want to push an agenda they make soldiers on the battlefield the test subjects. The repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is an example. It was commonly understood that the repeal was a way to open the door to pushing other social experiments on soldiers when politicians know they cannot push these things on the general population. You see, soldiers are looked down upon if they complain. Soldiers are taught to follow orders. So where regular Americans would not allow something to happen, soldiers just have to accept it.

The United States Senate (including most Republicans and both Texas Republican Senators) has just passed a bill (the National Defense Authorization Act) which strips away the military ban on Sodomy and Bestiality, according to CNS News.

The National Defense Authorization Act includes a provision to repeal Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).
Article 125 of the UCMJ makes it illegal to engage in both sodomy with humans and sex with animals.
It states: "(a) Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy. Penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense. (b) Any person found guilty of sodomy shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.”

Wow, sex with animals now in the Military.

It is imperative for America to stand up for the Christian, Moral foundation of America. As we get away from the principles that America was founded on, the foundation of America begins to erode and America will see more problems. I was very happy to see Presidential hopeful Rick Perry attend a prayer rally, the Response, in Houston earlier this year. Historical Documents show that the Founding Fathers of America would have approved and likely attended this Prayer Rally. I sure hope the next President can stop using the military as pawns in their political agenda.

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Good God people! The scary part of this Senate action is the detaining of Americans without due process! This is so typical of whats happening in our country. Instead of discussing the real and dangerous actions of our goverenment, we focus on the stupid fluff! How can Congress take any action regarding "due process" of American Citizens? Don't we have a division of power as the basis of our constitutional rights? Either way,to detain an American without being charged with a crime or given the opportunity to defend themselves goes against everything America stands for! I will take the risk of terrorist action in any situation vs. giving up any of our constitutional rights! For those of you who have been spending your time concerned about gays, I suggest you use that time investigating the way Citizens are being stripped of there freedoms. Bush and his Homeland Security BS have stomped on our constitutional rights and the detention of American Citizens without being charged or allowed due process is just a continuation of our loss of  freedoms and rights as provided for in our constitution. They do this under the guise of protecting us from forgein invaders, yet millions of illegals (mostly Mexicans) continue to sneak into our country every day. They are undermining our job market, depleting social services paid for by Americans, that were intended to be used to help Americans. They bring there own language and customs and show very little interest in becoming Americans, obeying our laws or enbracing our beliefs. This influx of illegals (not immigrants) is a far greater threat to our nation then gays, terrorists or anyone wishing to have a relationship with an animal. Wake up Americans while you still have a country to wake up in!

Because previously they were NOT showering with gay guys? Get a clue? There have always been gays in the military, they just weren't out. 

If dont ask dont tell gets repelled you would have to repel the sodomy article to...otherwise they would be saying you can date a same sex partner, but not sleep wit em?  Like in some states its illegal to have sex except in missionary position with your married partner, and how many people you know are brought up on charges for that?  Besides coming from a veteran that recently left the service, I disagree that social experiments are being done on service members.  We knew long before the discussion to end DADT started who the gays and bisexuals were, and no body really cared.  Welcome to trusting some one with your life no matter race, religion, sex, or orientation.

But they had to do that before, the gay guys just weren't allowed to reveal themselves.  It's not as though the repeal of DADT has legalized rape or anything; if a gay soldier is found to be harassing others he'll be thrown out just like a heterosexual soldier harassing the opposite gender would.

Also, the repeal of bestiality wasn't the intent.  The repeal of the banning of sexual activity was.  Note that it isn't even necessarily about gay sex, it say "the same or opposite sex".  This is simply the Senate updating an old law that has become outdated in general.

you know.. the topic of bestiality doesn't really freak me out so much.. or at least, let me say that the act of it suddenly not being against military law doesn't strike me as all that major of a thing
Maybe that's because I would never consider having sex with an animal!
You, however, seem to have given it a lot of thought.. and it appears to be at the forefront of your mind.. what does that say about you?  Why is it that when you think "kinky weird freaky sex" your brain comes back with "dude and a sheep"?
I would happily raise my family around my many gay friends before ever intentionally exposing them to people like you with your twisted concepts of others.. I wouldn't want my daughter to learn such hate

Hey, guess what - straight men shower with straight men all the time.  Straight women shower with Gay women all the time.  Ever go to the gym?  Yup - gay people go too!  Ever use a changing room at a public pool or something similar?  Guess what - gay people have been doing it too!  IT'S BECAUSE THEY ARE PEOPLE FIRST - and gay second.  It has already been happening because for years Gays and Lesbians have been forced to live their lives in secret.  But seriously, how many people have publicly stated "my life was ruined because of a shower with other people".  Come on now, unless you're a 13 year old in a physical ed. class, this is a non-issue.  It just goes to show you that the fight is dwindling down for the side that chooses to be espoused with bigotry and hatred.  Your day is over - enjoy holding on to the sinking ship of intolerance as it takes you down.

Well said. Nice to see common sense hasn't escaped the tubes completely.

What do words look like to a warped person like you?  your brain awash in years of fantasy..  Is it just a garbled mess for the most part?  with a few highlighted keywords?  all you took away from what I said was I am pro-sex with animals??
I'm NOT pro-bestiality.. I AM pro-letting people live their lives as they choose (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone).. much like how we let you live your life as you choose.. see how that works?
Whether you are disgusted by the thought of two people of the same sex kissing or not.. that thought should not immediately lead to having sex with a cow!!
If you ARE interested in what it will lead to.. look into how interracial sex and marriage was addressed over the years.. there were many who cried that a black man and a white woman would be the jumping off point for society to fall into an orgy of sin in the streets.. guess what didn't happen?!
Interracial couples did not herald the end of innocence.. nor will same sex couples.. regardless of your personal attitude toward them.. and how much you would LOVE to justify your confusion and hate with confirmation that they will in fact end the world.. but, they won't

The issue isn't whether service members can engage in sexual acts on base or not, they are adults, so the military should stay out of their bed time activities as long as it doesn't impact performance. Although, sex with animals won't really impact performance, but that's another post... You SHOULD be pissed off that Florida has made sex with animals legal. NOT that the military is getting their hands out of deciding how people share their 'inner feelings'... I am all for the military making the code of conduct simple and simply telling service member to 'don't do anything you can't do at home!' Simple.

Thank You!



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