Texas Senators Vote to Legalize Sex with Animals in National Defense Authorization Act

The National Defense Authorization Act will allow the President to use the military to detain Americans on American soil without a trial. I am completely in support of detaining terrorists that we have caught on the battlefield, but detaining Americans on American soil with no trial is just outrageous! Every US citizen should be given due process and a trial.

That is not the only outrageous part of the NDAA. The NDAA also now legalizes bestiality!

Members of the military are pawns of political experiments. Instead of focusing on being a well oiled fighting machine without political distractions, the military has to wade through political experiments hurled their way. Soldiers are told to be completely uniform with no distractions. When politicians want to push an agenda they make soldiers on the battlefield the test subjects. The repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is an example. It was commonly understood that the repeal was a way to open the door to pushing other social experiments on soldiers when politicians know they cannot push these things on the general population. You see, soldiers are looked down upon if they complain. Soldiers are taught to follow orders. So where regular Americans would not allow something to happen, soldiers just have to accept it.

The United States Senate (including most Republicans and both Texas Republican Senators) has just passed a bill (the National Defense Authorization Act) which strips away the military ban on Sodomy and Bestiality, according to CNS News.

The National Defense Authorization Act includes a provision to repeal Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).
Article 125 of the UCMJ makes it illegal to engage in both sodomy with humans and sex with animals.
It states: "(a) Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy. Penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense. (b) Any person found guilty of sodomy shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.”

Wow, sex with animals now in the Military.

It is imperative for America to stand up for the Christian, Moral foundation of America. As we get away from the principles that America was founded on, the foundation of America begins to erode and America will see more problems. I was very happy to see Presidential hopeful Rick Perry attend a prayer rally, the Response, in Houston earlier this year. Historical Documents show that the Founding Fathers of America would have approved and likely attended this Prayer Rally. I sure hope the next President can stop using the military as pawns in their political agenda.

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I stopped reading after said it didn't happen then said it did.

I like you.

I wonder if the previous bills failed because of language? Did they group bestiality with other 'immoral' acts like wearing white after labor day or wearing a mini skirt to class. Those bills fail because they try to attach to many things in one bill. I'm ALL for one law, one change. Sounds like micro managing, but when you have 3-300+ million people, you can't make broad laws like that. You have to break it down so that each 'rule' of the law can be challenged successfully without putting the whole law on the chopping block. Some judges won't take a case because the broadness of the law means overturning it for the hurtful parts may actually hurt people in other more meaningful ways by removing the positive aspects of it as well.

A Fellow TGV blogger already wrote about the President being given the authority to detain Americans on American soil with no trial. That is a very serious flaw in this law. I put a link to that article at the very beginning of my article. There was no need to write a brand new article about that issue when a fellow TGV blogger already wrote an article about that extremely serious issue.

there is a big difference between just working with someone and being forced to shower with someone. I do not have a problem working with a gay person. I have a problem being forced to shower with a gay person. I might trust them with my life but I do not want to shower with them. Would you make a woman shower with a man? NO! Why foece a straight guy to shower with a gay guy? Gays in the unique setting of the military causes issues. Those kinds of issues are fine in a workplace but they are not fine in battle where you sleep and shower together. They are distractions. I trust a gay person to fight with me but I do not trust him to not be checking me out in the shower. Same thing with women. A woman is perfectly capable to serve on a submarine, but the problems it would cause having one woman and 50 men under water for 6 months would cause too much trouble. The military should not be about political correctness. The military should be about having a strong fighting force with minimal distractions

You are making a false assumption that military folks are not professional adults, and you are assuming that showering with other men will encourage gay men to engage in sex acts with others.  In the real world, that doesn't happen.  Just because gay men will shower with straight men, it doesn't mean the straight men are vulnerable to inappropriate behavior.  It's a huge falsehood that allowing gay men to shower with hetero men will allow unwanted sexual behavior to happen.  All of these men are professional and have a job to do.  They will remain that way.  Oh, and by the way, gay men and straight men have been showering together (without incident) forever -- in high schools, colleges, gyms, and in the military.  The repeal of DADT does not sanction bad behavior -- if a man has inappropriate sexual contact with a WOMAN or a MAN, it's cause for discipline (whatever is relevant in the military).  That hasn't changed because of the repeal.  What has changed is American citizens are no longer denied their civil rights because of who they are.   It's time people stop using fear and blatant lies to justify un-American practices of discrimination.

well the law was passed in May but it did not go into effect until September

Like someone said about Texas, you guys have a big problem with that down there in Florida?

...to make your point.
Bestiality (however unpalatable)  is utterly Irrelevant.
They're are going to make it legal to detain american citizens without due process of law, violating their 5th amendment rights.

That the author would waste our time in attempt to get us to concern ourselves with irrelevancy would indicate to me that he is okay with removal of my constitutional rights.
Which incidentally protects my choice of life partner, be it the woman I love or the man I may were I wired that way.

So I guess this means that now the troops helping to grow and guard
the opium, can now have sex we the cow? Thats doing the plowing talk
about mind games, we really need to take a look at where we are going
with this kind of krud.......If it has no real meaning ,then why put it in the bill?It shows you where the goverments mind is ,not a nice place to be.



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