Texas Social Studies Curriculum Changes Continue To Stir Controversy Nationwide, Final Vote Today

The Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) will take a final vote today on the history curriculum standards that will be used to develop state tests and teaching material for over 4 million public school students. 

The proposed amendments to the curriculum that are being debated by the SBOE have stirred a nationwide controversy. Critics say the changes in curriculum proposed by the SBOE are ideological and distort history, while proponents explain the changes need to be made to correct a long-standing liberal bias in education.

Some of the issues being debated by the State Board of Education include the separation of church and state and how it relates to the founding fathers, the impact of global organizations on America's sovereignty, the negative connotations of President Obama's middle name, the superiority of the free enterprise system, the wording used when referring to the slave trade, and whether or not to have students discuss the solvency of Social Security and Medicare. With ten Republicans and five Democrats composing the 15-member board, the Conservatives are expected to prevail.

With Texas being one of the largest consumers of textbooks, any changes in the curriculum will most likely be used by textbook publishers that develop materials for the entire nation.

The Republican Party of Texas made the following statement:

The Texas State Board of Education is elected by the voters of Texas. It was created to give citizens a say in what the public schools teach our children. The liberal Democrats and their associated attack groups, and the Bill White campaign, have been on a mission to discredit the SBOE and then replace it with unelected bureaucrats who will pack our schools with leftwing indoctrination. As the SBOE wraps up two years of work and nears its vote on state school teaching standards, they deserve our thanks and support for their hard work, and for withstanding the coordinated assault from the left.


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