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"It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."         - Samuel Adams

The Texas Tea Party candidates have been totally ignored by the MSM. The Tea Party favorites have an uphill battle to win their districts. Most of these candidates with the exception of Bill Flores from District 17 are in solid Socialist/Democrat areas. We must support these candidates as they fight for all of us. We must make ready because Obama will be attacking the conservatives/Republicans at the crack of dawn on November 3rd. We need all the help we can muster to beat the Obama Administration. If we can win any of these Districts we have a better chance of defeating Obama in 2012. If everyone does his duty of voting early and volunteering at least two hours and contributing to the candidate of your choice we can beat the Socialists/Democrats! Don’t count on the Socialists/Democrats to stay home on November 2ND!!

The Republicans that are listed as the Texas Tea Party candidates are Clayton Trotter from Bexar County District 20 fighting to knock down incumbent Charlie Gonzalez. Charlie and his father Henry B have held that seat in congress for over 48 years. It’s time District 20 votes Charlie out and votes in Trotter who will actually do something about our economy, jobs and stop the funding for abortion. The other Texas candidates supported by a Tea Party are Pastor Stephen Broden District 30, who has a real chance of defeating the incumbent Eddie Bernice Johnson and Bill Flores District 17 who is polling ahead of Chet Edwards and has the RNC backing him. Dr Donna Campbell District 25 is battling Lloyd Doggett who cares more about the Obama administration than his loyalty to Texas school children. Blake Farenthold District 27 is up against a 28 year-entrenched incumbent Solomon Ortiz working for amnesty for illegals, Bryant Underwood District 28 is working to defeat the so called ‘blue dog’ Democrat Henry Cuellar who votes with the Socialists/Democrats. All these Texas Tea Party candidates have incumbents that should not go back to Congress because they will only continue to be part of the destruction of America.


Clayton Trotter is listed first on the ballot and he prays that
“he is first in the hearts of the citizens of SA after Almighty God”.

Clayton Trotter District 20 the Republican candidate challenging incumbent Charlie Gonzalez may have had a slow start but the momentum of his campaign is on fire. His supporters include Governor Rick Perry, David Barton and Congressman Lamar Smith.

The incumbent Gonzalez has fixed himself as the representative of this mostly Hispanic American District without actually earning the privilege. He won his seat because of his father’s length of time in office and his father’s ability to work for the people. Charlie is no Henry B. Henry and son Charlie have a sum total of 48 years holding the office in District 20. In a district where Catholics are prevalent Charlie voted against HR 3962 the PITTS/STUPAK AMENDMENT making way for the funding of Abortion in the Health Care Bill. He voted for HR 3962 the Health Care Bill and for HR 2454 Cap n Trade which will not help his constituents to a better life. It is time to end the 48 year old choke hold Gonzalez has on District 20. Vote Clayton Trotter he will support policies for a prosperous economy and jobs for a stronger and better America.

This is a personal plea for Trotter’s campaign. Pat Boone has personally financed an ad for TV but the campaign needs $25,000 to run the ad during prime time. Please contribute even if it is only $10.00 so that the ad airs. You can send money to Trotter for Congress, P.O. Box 5308, San Antonio, Texas 78201


"Clayton Trotter is a true patriot! Clayton has the good Texas values and proven leadership we need in Washington, D.C." - Governor Rick Perry
"Clayton Trotter is a Texan who understands the importance of traditional American values and the original intent of the Founding Fathers. He will fight to preserve our values and to return our federal government to the specific limited authority given it by the Constitution."  - David Barton [Founder and President of WallBuilders*]
"As the Ranking Member on the House Judiciary Committee, I look forward to working in Congress with Clayton Trotter, someone with knowledge, understanding, and passion for our Constitution. Clayton is a principled family man who has the background and experience to serve our country well and represent our Texas values in Washington." - Congressman Lamar Smith


The absentee rate is in red. The two thin black lines provide a context for understanding the significance of the absentee rate. The lower dotted line shows the median value for all Members of Congress in that time period. The upper dotted line shows the 90th percentile. A Member who approaches the upper dotted line is in the worst 10 percent of Congress.




Pastor Stephen Broden District 30 has been given some light by the MSM due to the fact that the incumbent Eddie Bernice Johnson was involved in giving scholarship money to her relatives and friends. This action was totally inappropriate because relatives are not eligible under anti-nepotism rules of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation who provide the funds for the scholarships. Even with Sarah Palin’s endorsement, Pastor Broden still has a long climb because Disrtict 30 is a solid Socialist/Democrat area.

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson violated rules, steered scholarships to relatives

Sarah Palin endorses Stephen Broden in House race against Eddie Bernice Johnson


The Democratic National Committee has poured $42,000 into incumbent Chet Edwards’s campaign to date. The DNC will begin new attacks with uglier TV Ads the closer we get to November 2. The recent poll results show challenger Bill Flores District 17 ahead giving him the edge to win in November. The National Republican Congressional Committee has strongly endorsed and supported Flores to the tune of over $400,000 in TV ads.

According to Donna Garner, Bill Flores has given his campaign $1.11 Million of his own money. She appreciates Flores’ commitment to win because this indicates that he is serious about going to Washington DC and making real changes! Garner states that our country needs him to help us out of this deep fiscal hole the Obama administration and the Democrats have placed us in.

Spending picks up in congressional race, and Flores floats his campaign a big loan

By Michael W. Shapiro October 22, 2010


How can we forget incumbent Lloyd Doggett the congressman who added language to limit Texas from receiving $10 billion in educational funds? The Doggett amendment part of HR 1586 makes our Texas governor commit to specify funding. This is in direct violation of our Texas constitution. Dr Donna Campbell has been trying to have Doggett commit to a debate. Campbell would of course ask about the Doggett Amendment. Doggett has refused to debate her. Could it be he does not want to divulge the real truth? That he puts the Obama administration first before our Texas students and teachers? Campbell has a common sense idea about how Texas taxes should be spent. “Leave it in Texas”, she is quoted as saying.

Doggett refuses debate with Campbell

“You know, I have to laugh because of all issues for him to take me to task on, hes the one whos our Texas representative and put an amendment that singled out Texas which successfully blocked $830 million of education funding that was destined for our schools,” Campbell said.


Blake Farenthold District 27 is up against Solomon Ortiz a 14 term incumbent and has a good chance to win in this solid Socialist/Democrat district. When Ortiz voted for the Health Care Bill which contained funding for abortion Farenthold decided it was time to run. Let me add that Ortiz wants amnesty for the illegals while Farenthold wants to work with immigration reform without amnesty. On MessageInc poll shows Farenthold ahead by 8 points over Ortiz.

Solomon Ortiz vs. Blake Farenthold: JOBS

Ortiz earmarks may have benefited former security firm

By Susan Crabtree - 10/22/10 06:00 AM ET

Rep. Solomon Ortiz (D-Texas) has requested millions of dollars in earmarks that may have benefited a security firm he founded.
Ortiz, a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, helped direct earmarks and federal grants worth tens of millions of dollars to the Port of Corpus Christi, the nation’s fifth largest port. Since 1997, the port — which is in Ortiz’s district — has hired Amtex Global Services, Ortiz’s former firm, on contracts that have ranged from $900,0000 to more than $1 million annually. The company continues to pay Ortiz for the sale of his stake in it.


Our incumbent Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar has launched a dirty and misleading ad campaign against me. I can not tell a lie. I cut down the cherry tree. Years ago, as a young man, I damaged another mans car in an attempt to keep that man from wrecking my marriage. Ive also been fined $100 on two occasions. Thats it.
And the tax cheat charge? Not true. Guadalupe County Tax Assessor Tavie Murphy said, "it was discovered that a clerical error was the cause of the discrepancy [in Mr. Underwoods tax records]. In no way was this the fault of Mr. Underwood."
Now, can we talk issues?
I want to get America on the right track and back to work with common sense conservative solutions. I want to cut spending, cut taxes, repeal and replace ObamaCare, kill Cap and Trade and protect and defend the Constitution of this great country of ours.
My campaign is Tea Party approved, supported by Catholic Families for America, Texas Right to Life, and the NRA gave me an A.
I will be true to Texas, true to you, and I ask for your vote.


Democrats facing fight to hold on to two North Texas congressional seats 

A Brief Update on 117 House Races

By Jim Geraghty October 18, 2010

TX-17: An OnMessage, Inc. poll for Bill Flores shows him ahead by 19; a poll for Democrat Chet Edwards shows Flores ahead by 4.

TX-23: An August GOP poll showed incumbent Democrat Ciro Rodriguez trailing challenger Francisco Canseco by 6 points.

TX-27: An OnMessage Inc. poll for Republican Blake Farenthold puts him up by 8 over longtime incumbent Solomon Ortiz.


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