Battleground Texas Retreats, Admits Voter Registration Tactic Legally 'Unclear'

In the first showdown between Breitbart Texas and Battleground Texas, the embattled pro-Wendy Davis organization has reversed its position. The group now admits the behavior it recently defended as being legal is discontinued within the organization due to the practice’s legality being questionable. The group defended the behavior less than 24-hours ago.

The behavior, which was revealed on Breitbart Texas in an undercover James O’Keefe video, showed Jennifer Longoria of Battleground Texas explaining how confidential information is copied from voter registration documents that she said would later be used to get people out to vote in the group’s efforts to turn Texas into a blue state and elect gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis.

The bizarre saga began on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 when Breitbart Texas released an undercover James O’Keefe video revealing the practice. The Texas Tribune then wrote a piece largely defending Battleground Texas, relying heavily on the legal opinion of Democratic operative/attorney Buck Wood. In his analysis, the practice was legal. Battleground Texas also defended the practice as legal.

Breitbart Texas then fired back with an analysis of the law and posted the relevant aspects for all to see. The Texas Tribune then removed the analysis of Buck Wood from their article. Prominent Texas Republicans, including Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, demanded an investigation into the ordeal. Within hours, the Texas Secretary of State’s office referred the matter to the Texas Attorney General’s office. The matter was ultimately sent to the Bexar County District Attorney for investigation.

As recently as last night, Battleground Texas was still claiming the practice was legal. Within 24-hours, Battleground Texas began contradicting their previous statements and stance in telling Reuters that they stopped the practice. The organization claims the practice ceased due to the questionable legality of the practice. They claim the practice stopped prior to the Breitbart Texas release of the O'Keefe video. The group’s claim to have stopped prior seems unlikely due to their fervent defense of the practice until recent hours.

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