Carlton Soules Is The Man For Bexar County Judge

Carlton Soules a native San Antonian has been a city councilman since 2011 representing the conservative constituents of District 10. He has been a strong voice for the conservatives of San Antonio and wants to continue to work for the people of Bexar County as the County Judge. His main thrust has been looking after the taxpayer and his money.

Nelson Wolff has been the County Judge in Bexar County since 2001 and an entrenched political figure in San Antonio politics since 1987. Isn’t it time that San Antonio wakes up? Wolff as an imbedded politician used his fixed position in his opening statement in the debate with challenger Soules on the Trey Ware Show on October 9. You can listen for yourself by following this link.

Soules made it very clear that he believes that Bexar County is on the wrong track and that we need to focus on the basics: public safety and infrastructure. He went further by pointing out that Wolff and the commissioner’s court have refocused on downtown with legacy projects and economic development projects on a narrow area of the county at the expense of the rest of the county. He mentioned that Bexar County is 1200 square miles, has 2 million people and consists of 24 different cities. He said he did not see focus on the future with Nelson at the helm.

Bexar County needs a leader for all the people not just downtown and the ‘elite’. I was amused when Wolff commented on the Tobin Center. While the Tobin Center is certainly a feather in San Antonio’s cap, let me remind you that one of the first shows was Paul McCartney where the seats ranged from $1250 to $2500. I sincerely doubt the ‘average’ citizen can afford these prices. So who is Wolff kidding?

Soules and Wolff do not see eye to eye on many matters, Soules is a fiscal conservative while Nelson enjoys spending taxpayer money. Soules voted against the nondiscrimination ordinance in 2013 and pressed for answers on the use of the public restrooms for the transgender. At the Martin Luther King parade in January Nelson Wolff addressed the audience and said, “Tracy and I went to a fundraiser for President Obama and I took his book along “Dreams of my Father” and I told him my granddaughter was one of 600,000 that gave him money over the internet. And he said “give me that book and he took that book and said to tell my granddaughter to ‘Dream Big Dreams’.” So we have moved from MLK, “I have a dream” to President Obama, “dream big dreams” and that’s why we are here today.” Amazing the MLK parade in an instant became a symbol for Obama.

The first question of the debate came from Jonathan Gurwitz. He asked both candidates “What’s the biggest, the most important issue facing the county today.” Again Wolff reiterated what accomplishments had been done in the Judicial System and Healthcare. Soules on the other hand knew exactly what to answer, the issue of Transportation. With over 500,000 new inhabitants coming into Bexar County in the next 10 years, the county needs a plan to deal with transportation. Soules said that Nelson has no plan and has had 13 years to solve this critical problem. It is important, Soules commented, that we know how to direct billions of $$$ to our most pressing issue, transportation.

The progressive agenda espoused by Nelson Wolff will not work for Bexar County any more than the progressive agenda is working for our country. Soules is a ‘Straight Shooter’ and a man for all of the people. Bexar County needs someone like Soules who has the vision and leadership to focus on what is necessary to bring the county into the future. Remember to #VoteforSoules and #nomoreWolff

Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!





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