Creighton Sails To Landslide Victory In SD4 State Senate Race

THE WOODLANDS, Texas — State Representative, now Senator-Elect, Brandon Creighton sailed to a 2:1 victory in the SD4 State Senate Special Election Runoff. With the solid victory behind him, Creighton will take the office shortly and become the newest member of the Texas Senate. The district represents Texas citizens in the counties of Chambers, Galveston, Harris, Jefferson and Montgomery.

Creighton received a total of 15,215 votes. His runoff opponent, State Representative Steve Toth, received 7,369 votes. The runoff election totals were only about 7,500 votes short of the first round of voting where four candidates set the stage for the runoff.

“I am not going to the State Senate,” Creighton told an excited crowd of about two hundred supporters Tuesday night at Landry’s in The Woodlands. “You are going with me to the Texas Senate!”

The election was held to fill the term left vacant by the resignation of State Senator Tommy Williams late last year. Creighton then vacated his State Rep. seat. Toth also gave up a State Rep. seat to run in the election.

“We fight for the things that matter as we define the future of Texas together,” Creighton told the crowd. “We lift the rest of this nation up, and Lord do they need it. We have so many people that worked so hard, and I am thankful to you so that we can all go together.”

“I am looking forward to bringing the lessons learned from this campaign and this decisive victory to the Texas Senate,” Creighton told Breitbart Texas in a post-election interview. “This Senate seat has been vacant for nine months now and there is a backlog of work to be done for the people of this district. I am ready to do that.”

Creighton will be sworn by Texas Governor Rick Perry in a special ceremony in the Texas Senate in about 10 days. Gov. Perry called the Senator-Elect last night and congratulated him on his landslide victory. “The Governor was very encouraging in his call,” Creighton said. “He reminded me of the work we did together on 10th Amendment and State’s Rights issues and said he was proud of the consistency I showed on calling out the feds when they overstepped their authority.” The victory fell on Creighton’s 44th birthday. Members of this campaign team put together a beautiful birthday/victory cake to commemorate the occasion. “I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present,” Creighton admitted, “but it came with a lot of pressure. No one wants a loss on their birthday so it focused me to work even harder.”

Creighton’s team was successful at targeting and identifying new voters. Because of this the falloff of voters from the first round to the final round was only about 25 percent. The team identified voters who voted in the primary election but did not vote in the special election first round and targeted them in addition to working the voters they identified as having voted for Creighton in the first round. This resulted in 18 percent of the voters in the runoff being new voters who did not vote in the first round. It also resulted in Creighton’s receiving nearly 1,500 additional votes in the second round. Toth managed an increase from the first round of only 173 votes.

During the campaign, Creighton was also hard at work on helping to solve a problem outside his district. After visiting the border region and seeing the information about the deaths and human smuggling traffic in Brooks County (Falfurrias) and the lack of local law enforcement resources available to fight the problem, Creighton went to work with local police chiefs and help set up a program where police departments in his SD4 district will be sending police officers to Brooks County to work with the local sheriff’s office to help increase their manpower. The first officer from Oak Ridge, Texas is in Falfurrias this week to begin working the program. Breitbart Texas reported on Creighton's efforts in a July 31st article by Lana Shadwick.

“This is an exciting time in Texas,” Creighton told Breitbart Texas. “We are turning over every statewide executive branch office holder and we will have a very large class of freshmen state senators. I look forward to working with all of the new leaders and senators as we work on the issues of Texas and SD4.” By being sworn in this month, Creighton will have seniority over the other incoming freshman senators – something that could prove very useful for the new SD4 senator.

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