David Dewhurst: Genuine Texan

From the residents of the high plains to those in the urban centers of Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, you realize just how special Texans are. Texans are instantly recognizable for that mix of rugged individualism, a strong sense of service and a never-quit mentality inherited from our ancestors.

If I had to name one person who fully embodies the genuine Texas spirit, it would be my friend, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. His life story is a true testament to the opportunity Texas extends to all of us. David was born in Houston, and raised by a single mother who lost her war hero husband to a drunk driver. Juggling multiple jobs herself, his mother taught David and his brothers about the commitment, hard work and sacrifice needed to get ahead. In time, he attended Lamar High School then headed to the University of Arizona to study and play basketball.

After college, David’s sense of patriotism and duty led him to serve his country, first in the United States Air Force, then in the Central Intelligence Agency. He later returned to Texas and dove headfirst into the energy sector, founding a company that surged then failed with the well-known energy bust. He picked himself up, launched a new venture, and built another much more successful energy company. In the process, he managed to become a world-class team roper and was inducted into the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame. (How Texan is that?)

Even with David’s success in the private sector, he still had a desire to give back to Texas. He ran and was elected first as Land Commissioner and then as Lieutenant Governor of Texas. Thanks to his strong conviction of low taxes, limited spending and fair regulations, Texas has enjoyed record energy production, a robust economy, and significant new job growth. David knows that Texas families depend on our successful economy.

In talking to him, I have found him to be more energized than ever before to preserve and expand on what has made Texas the land of freedom and opportunity.

We Texans are truly fortunate to have such a genuine hardworking man leading Texas. Please join me in voting for Lt. Governor David Dewhurst on May 27th.

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