Dick Armey Endorses Jerry Patterson for Lieutenant Governor

The following was sent in from Dick Armey:

I'm writing you today to ask for you to join me in endorsing and supporting Jerry Patterson for Lieutenant Governor of Texas.

I believe Jerry Patterson is the clear choice because he will be a bold leader for Texas. Jerry is a champion for conservative goals and a proven statesman who will keep Texas strong against the threats from Washington, D.C. and the Obama Administration.

Ever since I retired from Congress in 2003, I have worked hard to support true conservatives who will fight back against the exploding growth of federal and state bureaucracy.

Jerry has long been a hero to Texas conservatives. He is a man who has always fought to expand liberty and limit the scope and power of government.

He is exactly the man we need in Austin to fight for freedom and defend our Texas economy.

Now, I wasn't born in Texas like Jerry, but I got here as quickly as I could. I was born in a small North Dakota town called Cando (pronounced can do), and that has set the tone of my life. I was the first of my family of nine children to attend college. I was a member of the House of Representatives from 1985 to 2003 and I was tapped by two Speakers of the House to be in charge of the legislative agenda of that chamber.

I know what issues we are facing in Texas, and how crucial it is to have leadership on every piece of legislation that moves through our State Senate. When I approach any subject, there is one statement that sums up my approach - Freedom Works.

Jerry Patterson has that same approach. He has earned my full support, and I encourage you to join with me in giving him your support also.

Please consider a generous donation to his effort. This is an expensive race and every dollar helps him spread the message. Also, the campaign can use your time and talents to provide him with the reinforcements and volunteer power to achieve victory, so please consider helping by volunteering in your community.

Help keep Texas a strong and prosperous State for generations to come. Join me in supporting Jerry Patterson for Lieutenant Governor in the 2014 March Republican Primary.


U.S. Representative Dick Armey
Former House Majority Leader


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