Francisco “Quico” Canseco: the ONLY candidate who can remove Ciro Rodriguez from Congress

This week is early voting for the Texas Republican runoffs. There will be many local, county, and district elections and all of them are important. A few candidates in the Texas Republican runoffs are seeking a position in Congress. I would like to talk about the runoff election in Congressional District 23. This runoff is between an experienced business man Francisco “Quico” Canseco and a young, inexperienced former CIA agent Will Hurd. Many of you probably know Francisco “Quico” Canseco, or maybe for many of you, this is the first time you are getting to know him.

My son Nathan and I met Quico a few years ago in Houston at the Republican State Convention. Quico and I were both delegates applying to become at-large delegates to the Republican National Convention. Nathan was a page and Quico took the time to express his gratitude to Nathan for serving as one. The day had been a long one, and you could tell that most people around us were tired – enthusiastic, but physically tired. It was quite late, close to 10PM. Quico took the time to encourage a young man serving as a page. My 16 year old son was impressed with Quico as they shared some common interests, including their ability to speak in several languages: English, Spanish, and French.

Francisco “Quico” Canseco was not campaigning for congress at that time. He had lost a congressional primary in 2008 to Lyle Larson. That night it was late and no cameras were around, but Quico took the time to talk to people and to answer questions. He is personable and interested in the young people of our country. After that day, we both have had had meetings and had several conversations and heve gotten to know each other and one anothers spouses. Quico’s wife Gloria is an incredible woman of faith, family values, and is interested in the community. My husband Daryl has had long conversations with Quico in regards to fiscal, social, state, and conservative values. Daryl and I both know that behind that cordial smile of Quico there is an extremely intelligent, experienced, business man – a man with blameless character and godly transparency.

One day, Daryl and I were in San Antonio with Quico Canseco and his car got a flat tire and he, like the average man, changed the tire himself. Under the high temperatures of that summer day Quico changed the tire with a smile in his face. I even took a photo with my cell phone and caught him by surprise! (See above picture.) Quico always has a great answer about the issues of today and is always willing to give mentorship to others. These things have a lot to say of someone that has character.

But besides the personal opinions that I may have of him as a candidate and all the things we see “off record,” the question is, why vote for Francisco “Quico” Canseco?

  1. Francisco “Quico” Canseco is the most qualified man to be U.S. Representative of the 23rd Congressional District of Texas. His 35 years of experience as businessman proves that. We need conservative businessmen in Washington. He is a solid constitutional conservative, who will work to turn the direction of Congress onto a path that follows our Founding Fathers’ vision of a limited federal government. Hurd has “charisma” but lacks relevant experience.
  2. Francisco “Quico” Canseco will work towards increased employment by limiting government’s tax-and-spend spree, allowing businesses to flourish in a free marketplace. He knows about this issue because he has been doing it for years. He knows that the backbone of America is working Americans, not big government. His opponent seems ambiguous in responding to how he would accomplish this, his lack of knowledge in this issue is hidden under his natural charisma. 3.
  3. Francisco “Quico” Canseco is a man of faith who cares about life and property: a social and fiscal conservative. Quico’s Christian faith is important. He has all the endorsements from major pro-life organizations. Will Hurd has the endorsement of RINO State Senator Jeff Wentworth who is also part of the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood. In a recent radio interview Will Hurd seemed proud of this. It seems that social issues are not as important for him as they are for many people in District 23rd. He says in his website that he is pro-life, but he relies on the support of so many pro-abortion people, that he actually has deleted those endorsements from his website.
  4. Francisco “Quico” Canseco is ethical beyond question. Will Hurd has said things about Quico Canseco that distorts the truth about him. Is this really the behavior that people want in their representative?
  5. Francisco “Quico” Canseco stands for a secure border and opposes amnesty in a way that doesn’t offend legal Latino citizens who are vital to winning the general election.
  6. Francisco “Quico” Canseco is a leader with vision. He supports letting businesses expand and increasing employment. He has vision to turn our country around, bringing benefit to the 23rd District as well as to the country. Canseco knows that Nancy Pelosi needs to be stopped and that Ciro Rodriguezs support of Pelosi has hurt our state and our country.
  7. Francisco “Quico” Canseco is the only one that can win because he connects with the majority of the constituents of District 23! The fact that he knows well all cultures in our diverse state makes him a great asset. Let’s face it now Republican friends! Congressman Ciro Rodriguez won his congressional seat largely because he identifies with the Hispanic culture that has always been part of District 23. Can we be realistic and understand that Hispanics understand the needs of Hispanics too?

Canseco’s opponent brags because he has lived all around the world and knows about many countries and foreign policy as he has served in the CIA. That is great. Quico has also lived all over the world and worked with businesses in other countries! Hurds spokesperson said that “voters in district 23 will elect the candidate who is most in line with their views, and we don’t believe that candidate has to be Hispanic.” I will answer to that by saying we do not think Canseco is the best candidate because he is Hispanic but because he is the candidate who is most in line with the views of District 23 and on TOP of that, it happens to be that he is Hispanic!

But does Hurd really know the constituents of District 23? I doubt it. This has been the first time Hurd is visiting peoples homes because he is running for office. Francisco “Quico” Canseco knows the community of District 23. Quico not only visited in this campaign and in his prior campaign, he is a people’s person who always interacts with everyone around him and listens to them! He has been in the community in a long time and knows the District really well. Also, the fact that he identifies with Latino culture is EXTREMLY IMPORTANT. Canseco is bicultural and bilingual (trilingual as I explained before – I have seen him giving interviews to the French press during the National Convention in Minnesota). If you are one conservative who doesn’t think this is not important, I am sorry to differ with you. We are talking about District 23 of Texas. I hope people will remember the loss of 2008 and will think twice before making their vote in this runoff. Conservative values are most important for those who want to see our country change as our founding Fathers wanted. I like to remind people that I do not vote for a candidate because he or she is Hispanic but because of their conservative values. Now if we are in a place where two thirds of the population is Hispanic and we have a conservative candidate that ALSO happens to be Hispanic, then that is a good thing that every Republican should remember in District 23.

No doubt Will Hurd is extremely charismatic and well spoken, but we all know that is not enough when our country is going through the financial turmoil that big government has gotten us into.

Would the people of District 23 go to the polls and THINK of these things before they cast their vote? District 23 is a Hispanic-majority district and its current Representative is Democrat Ciro Rodriguez, a Hispanic - a hard core Liberal Hispanic. There is an experienced, conservative Hispanic American running that has a chance of defeating Rodriquez in November. EXPERIENCED, CONSERVATIVE, HISPANIC, AMERICAN. Good things for a congressman of District 23. Would Republicans from District 23 remember the election of two years ago and think clearly and vote for a candidate who can win in November? Would Republican voters understand that Quico can bring all of the independent populations of this diverse area into a conservative fold and wrest it from the incumbent Rodriguez?

As I interviewed Jamie Cortinas Mathis, a constituent of District 23, I got this response:

Francisco Canseco is the best choice for the people of CD 23. He is an experienced community leader, a small business owner, sincere friend, and our best chance at defeating liberal Ciro Rodriguez in the November elections.

Jamie Cortinas Mathis parents have been living in District 23 for over 60 years. They are great citizens and know the people in the district. They know that it is time to have an experienced conservative man who understands and interacts with the whole community and not with only part of it. We do not want a Democrat, we do not want a moderate Republican; we want a conservative Republican. That man is Francisco “Quico” Canseco.

If you are tired of liberals Nancy Pelosi and Ciro Rodriguez, vote for the only Republican candidate who can to remove Ciro Rodriguez from Congress. Please go to the polls and support Quico Canseco this week in early runoff voting or on election day, April 13th, and have him represent the Republican party on the November Ballot. Vote for Francisco “Quico” Canseco, who will make the right decisions for you and for America. With the good leadership of Quico he will bring the best for Texas!

Adryana Boyne, National Director VOCES Action, political commentator and a spokesperson for the Republican Party to the Hispanic Media


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