Freedomworks Introduces Come And Take It

Come and take it. What do you think of when you hear those words? If you’re like me, I immediately conjure up an image of a cannon with a star above it. What about the story behind the phrase, though? It has been used numerous times, but the most memorable time was during the Battle of Gonzales when the Texians had been given a cannon by the Mexican authorities to fend off attackers, but when the tide turned and the Mexican government decided to attack the Texians and the authorities wanted the cannon returned, well, you know what the Texians said. You guessed it, “Come and take it.”

It is almost a dare, if you will, ‘come and take it’, and that’s why I love it so much. I love to be contrary, and if someone doesn’t think I can do something, well, all the more reason to try. Now enter from the left, ahem, Battleground Texas. Who? You know, an arm of Obama’s OFA group of libtards who think that they are going to turn Texas ‘blue’ otherwise known as a democratic-led state.

Thankfully, Freedomworks has beat me to the dare. They’ve launched Come And Take It, their counter to the Battleground Texas folks. With it they’ve brought their grassroots leader who is originally from Texas, Whitney Neal, along with numerous regional directors and a whole army of volunteers itching at the chance to shut the door on BGT’s efforts.

Need a little motivation to get involved? Think back to the effort we all put into electing Senator Cruz. Hours, sweat and more sweat (I mean, it was a July runoff, right?) and energy, and think of all of that for naught. Yep, if BGT is successful, that’s what it will be. No more Republican presidential victories, no more Republican majority in the Texas House of Representatives OR Texas Senate. Things could get pretty bleak, so please don’t think that because I called them ‘libtards’ doesn’t mean that there isn’t a reason for concern.

All is not lost, though. There is time to hold the line and the good news is that you can help, too. Visit and sign up to be a volunteer. We can all link arms and together with our voices loud and clear say, “Hey, BGT, Come and Take It”!




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