Greg Abbott Enters the Ring for Governorship of Texas

Making San Antonio his first stop of a ten-city tour, Abbott made his 2014 campaign bid to be the next governor of Texas. There is no doubt that family is of upmost importance to Greg Abbott. His teenage daughter, Audrey, introduced her proud father to the audience. Abbott took the stage with his wife Cecilia of 31 years. It was not necessary that he stress ‘family’ as it was transparently visible to his hundreds of supporters who waited more than an hour in the sweltering inferno of the San Antonio sun.

Sunday marked the 29th anniversary of his injury when a tree fell on him while out on a run in Houston with his long time friend Fred Frost. Confined to a wheelchair since his devastating accident in l984, he told the audience that perseverance and having an attitude of never giving up made him the man he is today. In a strong statement he told his supporters, “If you want to know the meaning of love, look no further than my wife, Cecilia, who stood by my side through the toughest, most challenging times of our lives.”

Abbott made his announcement surrounded by his family in the historic La Villita Juarez Plaza with a simple request, “I will never, never stop fighting and that is why I am asking you the people of Texas to elect me as your next governor.” He had already qualified his request with, “Politicians get up and talk about having a spine of steel. I actually have one, and I will use my steel spine to fight for you and Texas families every single day.”

While not revealing how he intends to accomplish some of the issues he touched on, he did say that “We see the need for roads, water and schools. Our water supplies are going too low. You know by travelling our highways that the congestion is getting too thick.” He emphasized, “And our schools must do better. We can solve those problems not by raising taxes, but by right-sizing government and putting real limits on spending in Austin, Texas.”

He also spoke of securing the border from drug cartels and gangs, something we have heard many times over. He mentioned that our education system needs reform and our students must be college-ready or career-ready. He strongly stressed the importance that every child be educated and assured that Texas must be inclusive to every child. From his speech there was a hint that the tax subsidies to companies that Governor Rick Perry has endorsed might be a thing of the past if he is elected. Perry’s name was never mentioned, perhaps giving an indication that he intends to break away from some of Perry’s policies.

Juarez Plaza was filled with friends and elected officials, SBOE D5 Ken Mercer, State Representative, Doug Miller HD73, Congressman Lamar Smith CD21 and Third Court of Appeals Judge, Jeff Rose to name a few. Abbott’s charismatic personality will play a big role in getting the votes to win. In an effort to bring the Hispanic community into his corner, he made reference to his wife’s heritage. San Antonio is predominately Hispanic, so he chose his words carefully by saying, “But more important than our marriage was a uniting of cultures: my Anglo heritage and Cecilia’s Irish and Hispanic heritage." When he introduced his wife’s mother he called her, “mi suegra," and even said a few words in Spanish, "Dos casas, pero una fundación," meaning two houses but one foundation, “The uniting of cultures in forming one unique people, Texans.”

Former Workforce Commissioner, Tom Pauken and a strong Reagan conservative issued a challenge to Abbott to have Lincoln-Douglas debates throughout the state to bring their differences to the people of Texas. In Pauken’s words, “This is a battle for the soul of the Republican Party of Texas.”

It is quite interesting that Governor Perry and now Abbott chose to make their announcements in San Antonio, the hotbed for Democrats. Democrats have a fervent desire to destroy any Republican who might get in the way, since there is a possibility that Senator Wendy Davis or Mayor Julian Castro would be on the opposing team, but it is hard to imagine that there is even a remote chance since their party is on a path to destroy the family with abortion and same sex marriage, not to mention their spending habits.

Abbott’s history of fighting the Obama Administration will also play a big role in his campaign. With 27 lawsuits filed against the administration, it’s difficult not to admire a man who has fought the good fight for Texas, the greatest state in the nation. “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!”


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