Greg Abbott gubernatorial candidate declares he will ‘roll to victory’!

Alamo Café in San Antonio was the scene for a standing room only audience filled with Greg Abbott fans on Wednesday, October 29, 2014. Abbott made no bones about saying he was ‘rolling to victory’ in his wheelchair after referencing some of his opponent’s distasteful political TV ads.

His entourage included US Senator John Cornyn who is also seeking reelection and former Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade. They both stated valid reasons to vote for Abbott in his run for governor.

Abbott firmly and without hesitation said that there will be no ‘income tax’ in Texas and that common core will not be taught in Texas schools. This brought cheers and applause from the enthusiastic crowd eager to hear what the next governor of Texas had to say. He wants to make education first in Texas and will continue to have Texas as an economic haven for the entrepreneur.

He proudly announced that Cecilia, his wife, had been campaigning on his behalf and that she will be the ‘first’ Hispanic First Lady of Texas. He mentioned that San Antonio was her home town and that she had been a school teacher and past principal. He saluted the veterans and recognized the school teachers in the packed room.

Abbott’s fans were more than eager to shake his hand and be photographed with him. As I was one of the very last ones to be photographed with our next governor, I can attest to his enthusiasm, energetic character and patience. Knowing that he was probably tired from a busy day of campaigning, I was pleasantly impressed with the small talk while being photographed with a loyal Republican voter.


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