Is the Harris County GOP Low Hanging Fruit for the Democrats?

So, clearly I have a dog in the fight for the Harris County GOP Chairman's race. Every Republican voter in Harris County should have a dog in the fight for this race; it is ground zero for the future of the nation, I kid you not. Jared Woodfill, the current county chairmen and his loyal followers, (based on the fear that Jared will lose his bid for re-election) have laid claim to the moral future of Harris County. They claim that Jared is more pro-life than his opponent, Paul Simpson. They claim Jared is also going to continue to be a stalwart for pro-life views and traditional family values. Go ahead and stand for pro-life legislation and traditional family values, I agree completely; but we need more action than just a lawsuit against the openly gay mayor of Houston, Annise Parker over same sex marriage benefits to ensure our success as a county party going forward. Perhaps actually engaging in City elections and recruiting viable candidates and actually supporting good Republican candidates, but that would make too much sense.

Parts of the south are often referred to as the "Bible belt", those values we consider traditional and some consider old fashioned are still "in fashion" in Texas. I guess you could say that the vast majority of those supporting Jared consider themselves the Bible belt of the party. Those who support Jared are also trying to paint Simpson supporters as, well, less than Christian; we are 'moderates' to them. I say we because I am proud to say that I am a Simpson supporter. I am also a Christian just like many other Simpson supporters are, and I take it personally that I am being accused of being less than Christian. I can only share my personal experiences in the realm of pro-life ministry; I am a former peer counselor of a pregnancy help center in the Katy area, and I helped that center raise funds and obtain door prizes for events. I have also given money to various pro-life and pro-liberty organizations. Not pro-life enough, eh? I'd like to remind those accusers that not all ministry takes place in a church and not all pro-life activism has to be political.

Matthew 7:15-20 tells believers that we shall know them by their fruit. We can agree that Christians are supposed to be eager to serve one another. Love our neighbors as ourselves and such. So why is it that this incumbent, Jared Woodfill seemingly lacks in his service to others? Let's not forget that Houston is home to the largest abortion mill in the world, Planned Parenthood, which is such a shame. Where was pro-life Jared and his followers then? I remember personally going to a LIFE rally where we walked the streets of the neighborhoods and prayed silently over the homes and the residents before PP opened its doors. I don't remember seeing Jared there. I think he may have been to busy speechifying and missed the rally.

In contrast, I have seen his opponent Paul Simpson living out the life of a servant leader, and I can respect that. Servant leaders are those who are willing to do whatever they ask anyone else to do, without exception. They are also people who are willing to lead by example. Anyone can get on a microphone and say that they want to keep Harris County 'red', not everyone can actually put together walk lists, get their hands dirty and get out the vote to make sure that the Democrats don't take our county away from us. I see a bright future for the Harris County Republican Party and it's got nothing to do with robo calls, pay for play slates and meetings held for hours on end that the current leadership claim are so effective.

If we want to be successful, it's going to take more than just talk. I know some might be tired of hearing people use Ted Cruz's successful campaign as an example. He had it right, there's no arguing that. He had boots on the ground, otherwise known as a ground game. He also had radio and television ads, known as air game. He combined the two and that, along with the power of the grass roots activists made him unbeatable. Whether Simpson's opponents want to believe it or not, Paul's campaign has been no different, though on a much smaller scale. I also find it amusing that last election cycle, Paul's campaign funds were less than stellar and that was a sticking point with the opposition, they claimed he couldn't raise money. This time around, he has had no problem raising funds and the ample support he has gained has come from within the grass roots, the business community and other political leaders that see the handwriting on the wall to the dank, dismal leadership Woodfill has exhibited thus far and the future of the county. Now the naysayers want you to believe that Paul is supported by 'moneyed interests'. Spin zone, much?

The success of the party not only lies in the election of Paul Simpson as your new county chair, it's going to take training of precinct chairs, it's going to take phone banking and block walking and doing the not-so-sexy-and-glamorous task of finding voters and getting them excited about voting again. That's the job of the precinct chairmen, is to organize their precinct and get out the vote, but it's going to take a party chairman who is willing to lead by example to motivate those precinct chairman so that we can ensure our county and our state and our country remain Republican.

I know that a vote for Paul Simpson is a step in the right direction. Won't you take that step with me and vote for Paul? Election Day is March 4th and polls are open from 7:00 AM-7:00 PM.

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