Harris County Judge Ed Emmett Endorses Paul Simpson for Party Chair

In what may become the most important election for the future of Harris County Republican Party politics, County Judge Ed Emmett has fired a shot across the bow of current Party Chair Jared Woodfill's ship of state with his endorsement of challenger Paul Simpson.

In a phone conversation with Judge Emmett yesterday, he explained to me that he believes there is a different way to grow and sustain a viable Republican Party in Harris County than that being offered by the current administration led by County Chair Jared Woodfill.

His endorsement of Paul Simpson says they are prepared to take actions to increase the number of precinct chairs, increase the financial stability of the party, and attract more voters with a positive message about all Republican values.

"When I was first elected to the State Legislature, the party was a big help in supporting and promoting the campaign," Emmett said. "Now, when I returned to politics as County Judge, it seems it is the candidates that are called upon to support the party [financially]. The party should need to be a mouth for the candidates, not a hand asking for support."

I spoke with Chairman Woodfill last night as well. As you can imagine, he has a very different opinion and said he believes the party has done a very good job during his tenure of electing county-wide officials and judges. He believes very strongly in the idea that a precinct chairman should be a solid follower of the Party Platform, especially in the area of social conservative issues like life, marriage and other traditional family values. "I would be very happy," Woodfill challenged, "to debate Judge Emmett anytime on how best to grow the party."

Woodfill, of course, has a stong slate of endorsements including two county commissioners and many elected officials. This is certainly to be expected as Woodfill has a long record of success with many of these officials. Simpson also has an impressive and growing endorsement list.

Having watched several challengers come and go against Woodfill over the years, he will be a tough guy to beat. Both candidates may be pretty similar on political issues, as you would expect, as they are both strong Republicans. But, there are some key differences of vision about the direction and style of leadership the party should have.

Oh... there is a third candidate in this race. Wendy Berry. Nobody seems to know much, if anything, about her. She doesn't appear to have a website up to provide information for voters and when she introduced herself at Tuesday's RHCIA meeting, she couldn't articulate the name of the office she is seeking. Not sure why she is running as she doesn't appear to have voted in Republican primaries before, but there you go.  She is on the ballot and will get some votes.

At the end of the day, it will be up to you, the GOP voters of Harris County to decide who will lead the party in these coming years of the changing demographics of Harris County. But whichever side you might be on, one thing is clear... The race is on!


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