How Could Debra Medina Support Joe Straus? - Texas Comptroller Race Update

The Texas 2014 Republican Primary Election has more hotly contested races than I have ever seen. From the race for Lieutenant Governor to the race for Attorney General all the way down to County Judge Races. One big race seems to always go overlooked though. The Texas Comptroller Republican Primary Race never gets much publicity, but it is a very important statewide office.

I would not be a good voter or a good citizen if I did not look into who the candidates are in the Texas Comptroller race, and then try to find out who is the best candidate.

There are four candidates in the Texas Comptroller race, Glenn Hegar, Harvey Hilderbran, Debra Medina, and Raul Torres.

Right away I am drawn to Texas Senator Glenn Hegar because I have seen him over the years, and he has been a very strong conservative voice in the Texas Legislature.

But then I see Debra Medina's name in the Texas Comptroller race, and I am intrigued. I remember when she ran against Rick Perry in 2010. Although I supported Perry in that race, I liked Medina because she took some good stances on conservative issues.

So I decided to look her up on Google and check out her campaign and see what she has been up to since 2010.

Boy was I VERY disappointed in what I found.

One of the first things I saw when I searched for Medina is an article from Empower Texans that said in 2011 Medina supported pro-abortion Joe Straus (Joe Straus teamed up with Democrats to stab Republicans in the back in order to gain control of the Texas Speaker of the House position).

I did not believe it. It must have just been a rumor about Medina. How could a strong conservative ever support Joe Straus? I liked Medina so I could not believe it. I did a little more digging and to my dismay, I discovered that it is true that Debra Medina supported Joe Straus. Not only did she support Joe Straus, she wrote a lengthy letter praising Joe Straus and bashing the conservatives who were trying to get a real conservative to replace Straus.

You can read the full letter from Medina here.

My intent in writing about Medina supporting Joe Straus is not to try to attack Medina. At the same time, this is important information that people have a right to know about. I am dismayed and shocked and I would like to know how. How could she support someone like Joe Straus over real conservatives?

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