Ken Paxton, A Texas Leader and Champion

We are told that only the strong survive. Ken Paxton is such a man. In the recent TV political ad Senator Ted Cruz explains that Paxton will fight for Texas whether against Obamacare, for Voter ID, or fighting for our Religious Freedom. He will fight to defend our Constitution. Paxton has been actively fighting for conservatism ever since his election to the Texas House HD70 in 2002 and Texas Senate SD8 in 2012. He was one of 15 Texas Heroes who did not vote for Joe Straus as Speaker of the House at the start of the 82nd Legislative session. He stood firm on Pro Life and co sponsored HB2 a bill that passed after a bitter fight in July 2013. He was one of the top five Texas Senators given the prestigious honor of being named ‘Courageous Conservatives’ of the 83rd Texas Legislative session. This award was given to legislators whose efforts advance, support and vote for conservative issues.

At a recent Meet and Greet in Comal County, Paxton reminisced about his dad being an AF pilot and how he saw his dad depart at the airport to serve in Viet Nam. He also mentioned watching his dad stop and salute them just before entering the plane and how he felt his mother’s tear drops fall on his hand. Since the very tender age of 5 years he has appreciated all those who serve our country.

He told the small group of leaders that this is a critical time in Texas and that, “If Texas doesn’t stay Republican and it doesn’t stay strong economically, if we don’t get it right, if we don’t elect people statewide, I think potentially it has a pretty negative effect on the whole country. We have serious issues to deal with whether its Obamacare, redistricting, voter ID, or fending off our federal government from shutting down our oil and gas industry.” Paxton went on to describe his role as the attorney general. “The Attorney General,” he said, “is the Chief Warrior for the state.” He proudly added that the state of Texas “is looked at as the leader of the country.” That, “We clearly are the political and economic leader. If we move to the other column, we will have a one party system.” His straightforward approach is exactly what Texas needs.

I urge you to support Ken Paxton in his bid for Texas Attorney General. He is a man of integrity and ready to battle the Obama Administration. Please review his voting record as a representative and senator and know that he has the ability, legislative experience and knowledge to uphold Texas as a conservative state.

Pray, Fight, Never Give Up!


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