Texas GOP Chair Calls on Wendy Davis to Apologize to the Disabled Community

Republican Party of Texas Chairman, Steve Munisteri, called upon Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Wendy Davis, today to apologize to the entire disabled community for running ads against her opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbott, attempting to utilize his disability for political gains.

The Chairman stated: "I have been working in campaigns for 42 years and I have seen many despicable and negative ads during that time. I expect in campaigns that candidates will run negative and misleading ads; however, I never expected a candidate to use another candidate's physical disability as a prop in an ad or to their advantage. The Wendy Davis ad is easily the most offensive and despicable ad I have seen in my 42 years in politics. I know Greg Abbott and have heard him talk about the effect his disability has on his life and the challenges it presents. I have heard him talk about the fact that he can never dance with wife. I have also heard him talk about how he cannot curl his toes in the sand with his daughter and how he will never get to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding. He has met these challenges in life with grit, grace, determination, and perseverance, and he should not have to respond to additional challenges based on his disabilities from a politician who has put her own political ambitions above personal decency. It is hard to imagine she can stoop much lower. Using a wheelchair as a prop for political advantage is an affront to all disabled people. No one in the disabled community should to have fear a politician of taking advantage of their disability. I, therefore, call on Senator Davis to apologize to General Abbott and to all members of the disabled community, and I say to her, "Senator Davis, have you no shame? Have you no compassion? Don't let your political ambition overtake common decency."


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