Texas Tea Party Republican Women Celebrate 20 years of Service

To a crowd of 250 plus, Texas Tea Party Republican Women (TTPRW) celebrated their 20th anniversary last Tuesday night. The crowd included Kay Smith, current president of TTPRW along with past presidents of TTPRW, members and their spouses and a plethora of candidates!

A little background on TTPRW, this taken from their own website: 

Texas Tea Party Republican Women was formed in 1993 when three Republican women ~ Peggy Cox, Susan Darbyshire and Elvie Kingston recognized the need for an active conservative women’s organization working to preserve traditional pro-life, pro-family Republican views. The name, Texas Tea Party Republican Women (TTPRW) was coined to embody the theme from the Boston Tea Party of: 

“No Taxation Without Representation”

The Boston Tea Party was a raid by American colonist on three British ships in Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773. The colonists determined not to pay taxes to the British government. A band of citizens disguised as Mohawk Indians threw the contents of 342 chests of tea into the bay (approximately $1 million worth in today’s dollars). This was one of the incidents that lead to the Revolutionary War in America. I can definitely get behind that!

To help celebrate their 20th, the ladies of TTPRW had Congressman Michael McCaul of the 10th Congressional district to talk about his role as the head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Committee.

He touched on how the narrative in regards to terrorism has changed under the current presidential administration. "My job is actually quite simple and that is to protect American lives. I get these threat briefings, every week, same ones that the President gets, and I want to keep those threats outside the United States. I will protect Americans from another terrorist attack. And I want to talk a little bit about what I see as a dangerous course of action by this president, and it's what I call the narrative, and the narrative goes something like this: We don't mention the word 'radical Islam,' we don't talk about a war on terror, we take that out of the vernacular and we call things like Ft. Hood 'workplace violence,' not an act of terrorism."

Congressman McCaul also had this to say about Benghazi, "Benghazi; this was not an act of terrorism either, it was perpetrated by some video hatched in Florida. All of the players are recognizing that gee, maybe this was an orchestrated planned attack by Al-Queda on 9/11 against our embassy killing our ambassador. I will not rest until we get to the bottom of Benghazi."

He asks the question, "So why this narrative? Why can't we call the enemy for what it is? You can't defeat an enemy you cannot define, and we have to define this enemy, and it is radical Islam and we need to call it what it is."

TexasGOPVote would like to congratulate the TTPRW for twenty years of service to the community and say thank you for all of the hard work they have done to help elect conservative candidates over the years. A big thanks for bringing in Congressman McCaul. The information that he had for the group was very timely and further drives home the point that we need an active citizenry involved to elect conservative candidates. That's what Republican women do; they WORK!


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