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I had left a couple of races indeterminate. In the US Senate race, I expressed the priority of unseating John Cornyn; not because I dislike him or doubt his sentiments. But the calculating reticent tactics of traditional Republicans has to go if this country is going to have any shot at rising out f its current hole. If Texas is going to help the effort, Cornyn shows no inclination to be a part of it. I previously said I thought Steve Stockman had the best opportunity to stop him. But let’s consider the situation. Stockman’s lackluster campaign trails Cornyn considerably. But a runoff possibility is not in the total of the runner-up, but in the leader’s failure to garner 50% of the vote. Cornyn currently polls considerably above that mark. But the activist turnout in this non-presidential year should reduce that number.

Any non-Cornyn vote will serve toward pulling his total downward. And if he is pulled below 50%, the contest is over who will face him in a runoff. It is clear that Dwayne Stovall most shows the clarity of purpose and focus on the nature and extent of the current problem. So, I encourage people to support Stovall and that vote will detract from Cornyn’s total regardless of who finishes second. And if activist voting will count strongly in this off-year, it certainly will in the event of a runoff. So I hope that TexasGOPVote readers will 1) support Stovall, 2) very importantly, do everything you can to get everyone you know out to do the same, and 3) If there is a runoff, be certain to get them out to vote for whichever candidate is challenging Cornyn. Oh, and one other thing: If Cornyn should be reelected, break your neck to ride his to abandon the timorous Republicanism and join Ted Cruz in pushing Obama and Democrats AT EVERY TURN. Despite what timid Republicans think and conclude from media, they will not earn a greater respect and following from the general public with an ambiguous and reticent strategy.

As for the race for the open Attorney General spot, which I previously left open between Ken Paxton and Barry Smitherman, I will vote for Ken Paxton who has polled highest along with Dan Branch. Branch would be no disaster, but Paxton has the pro-life and conservative support and the praise of Cruz.

And I will follow former Solicitor General Cruz’s Supreme Court endorsements of Chief Justice Nathan Hecht and Justices Jeff Brown, Jeff Boyd and Phil Johnson.

I remain in support of Greg Abbott for Governor, who will be a shoo-in in the primary and probably the general.

Jerry Patterson for Lieutenant Governor, who is the most thoughtful candidate, though in latest polls he trails incumbent David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick, neither of whom I can support.

Debra Medina for Comptroller who is leading in polls. She is strong on state sovereignty and her libertarianism is fine with me where it is inapplicable in foreign policy.

David Watts for Land Commissioner not George P. Bush.

Sid Miller for Agriculture Commissioner.


Becky Berger for Railroad commissioner.


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