Wendy Davis Faces Another Nightmare in Her Dream of Governor’s Mansion

Uh oh. Wendy Davis is squirming under another dark cloud. Davis, who made her name by filibustering a bill that would have eliminated late term abortions, is now under investigation by the FBI. At the center of the investigation is work done by Wendy Davis as an attorney for the North Texas Tollway Authority. While it is not fully known just how much the investigation centers around Davis, The Dallas Morning News reports that the FBI is indeed conducting an investigation and work done by Davis is part of it. Still, her campaign insists they know nothing about such an investigation stating, “We are not aware that Wendy Davis is this subject or target of any investigation.”

The Washington Examiner reports on the conflict of interest in votes taken by Davis as a state senator, votes that helped out her clients and her firm.

Davis came under fire last week when it was revealed by the Daily Caller that, as state senator, Davis voted on bills that benefited her clients, despite promising she wouldn’t.

“Records show Davis supported legislation governing a toll-road project for which the North Texas Tollway Authority hired her firm,” the Morning News said. “She backed changes governing the collection of unpaid tolls that preceded an NTTA program in which law firms — including Davis’ — were chosen to carry out the collections. And as a state senator, she sought federal money for a transportation project being handled by her law firm.”

The Daily Caller reports that Greg Abbott, the Republican gubernatorial nominee, states that this new revelation is but the latest in a long list of controversies and lies from the Davis campaign. But the campaign for her Republican opponent, Greg Abbott, is raising questions in the wake of the revelation.

“This revelation — the latest in a series of bombshells regarding Sen. Davis’ ethical conduct — is both shocking and unsurprising at the same time,” Abbott communications director Matt Hirsch said. “Sen. Davis must fully disclose the facts about any wrongdoing and the extent of her involvement in that wrongdoing,” Hirsch said.

“Texans deserve to know the truth about Sen. Davis’ involvement in a matter the FBI is investigating. This is a serious ethics issue that may violate federal law and cannot be swept under the rug, as Sen. Davis has tried to do when confronted with questions about her ethics thus far.”

Davis has previously come under heavy criticism for lies told about her past, for attempting to claim that she is pro-gun rights despite an F rating by the NRA, instances of deception, and for trying to change the meaning of the words pro-life by claiming she is pro-life after her infamous filibuster in which she strongly supported late-term abortions.

Let’s hope that Texans have better sense than to give this woman a shot at the Governor’s mansion.

Hmmm… yet, another public relations nightmare for abortion barbie in her quest for the Texas Governor’s Mansion…

Poor Wendy…. It seems the FBI is nipping at her heels…

Lucky for her, since she’s not a conservative, she won’t have to worry about federal snipers surrounding her home, government goons brutalizing her supporters, or being labeled a domestic terrorist.

After all, Wendy fights for the murder of unborn children. She’s no threat to the desert tortoise or any other government protected animal.

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