TexasGOPVote Blogger Endorsements: 2012 Republican Primary Voting Recommendations From Norman E. Adams

The following is my suggested ballot for this year's Harris County Republican Primary. Thank God, we have more than one excellent candidate in several races! Having to choose between "friends" is not easy. Voting is an opportunity that should not be taken for granted! God bless you, and may He bless America!

Click to download a pdf of my endorsements here.

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John Devine has run for and lost all kinds of different political offices.

Way back when Texas was a blue (dog) state and Phil Gram and Rick Perry were still Democrats, David Medina was a Republican precinct chair who attended county and state conventions, working to make Texas a Republican state.  Medina's experience is no match...former District Court Judge, Corporate Counsel in the private sector, General Counsel to Governor Rick Perry, and nearly 8 years of experience as a Justice on the Texas Supreme Court.

Justice David Medina is endorsed by serious leaders and organizations representing a wide range of socially and fiscally conservative values, including:

Senator Dan Patrick

Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson

Texas Right to Life

"C" Club

and many, many others.....

Here's the entire list: http://texansformedina.org/index-3.html

Ask yourself why these conservative leaders and organizations that best know our judiciary, know Justice Medina and know his record on the bench are endorsing Justice David Medina for re-election, and why none of them have endorsed Devine.

Norm Adams is a great guy who I respect and appreciate, and I agree with him on most of these endorsements (Ted Cruz!), but I strongly agree with Senator Dan Patrick and other conservative leaders that Justice David Medina remains the right conservative choice for the Texas Supreme Court.



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