TexasGOPVote Blogger Endorsements: Larry Perrault's Endorsements

 I recently relocated from the Houston area of the same representation as Norman Adams, and would follow the endorsements he gave here with a few changes and some comments. 

I would only differ from Norman in endorsing challenger Barbara Carlson over incumbent Pete Olson in my new US Rep. District 22. For the new State Rep District 26, I will vote for Rick Miller.

And for Texas Supreme Court, I will vote for Don Willett in Place 2 and David Medina in Place 4. I had expected Norman to endorse the incumbent, but he probably knows John Devine from many years around Houston.

Mitt Romney is now closing in on the necessary delegates to secure the Republican Presidential nomination, with all other candidates having withdrawn from the contest. I did not favor Romney, but I will vote for him in November. However, other candidates are on the primary ballot, and I may cast a meaningless vote for Newt Gingrich in the Tuesday primary. I will enthusiastically vote for Ted Cruz to be the Republican candidate for US Senator from Texas. Cruz is clearly the most lucid and articulate conservative candidate to represent Texas in the US Senate. He was Texas’ Solicitor General and has effectively offered over 40 arguments and authored over 80 briefs to The US Supreme Court. Unsurprisingly, he has been endorsed by US Senators Jim DeMint and Rand Paul, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, radio talk-show host an Landmark Legal Foundation’s Mark Levin, and now former US Senator and Presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

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