Re-elect Justice David Medina to Texas Supreme Court, Place 4


On July 31st, we have a great opportunity to reelect 6th generation TexanJustice David Medina to the Supreme Court of Texas Place 4. Justice Medina has the experience and knowledge to understand the complexities of our judicial system. Before being appointed to the Supreme Court by Governor Rick Perry on November 10, 2004, he served as General Counsel to the Governor. He was elected to a full term in 2006.

He has been applauded for his many well reasoned and well written opinions including the three cases mentioned below:

Guitar Holding Co LP v Hudspeth County Underground Water Conservation District Water Rights:


Marks v. St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital

In the Heritage Alliance Voter’s Guide, Texas Supreme Court, Place 4 candidate and trial attorney, John Devine, answered a question pertaining to any of his judicial opinions, dissents, articles or commentary authored by him with a simple ‘NO ANSWER’. He has no background experience to be elected to the Supreme Court. In fact, after being elected as the District Judge in the 190th District, he resigned with only a two weeks notice, quitting to campaign for a lesser position of County Attorney of Harris County and leaving his voters high and dry. It is also known that he has run for various other positions including State Representative and a Congressional Seat, indicating that he is not committed to the judicial field.

Justice Medina is endorsed by many conservative retired judges and by Attorney General Greg Abbott and Governor Rick Perry. He is also endorsed by Right to Life and Alliance for Life because of this stance on Pro Life issues. Justice Medina is highly respected by his peers. The 2012 poll results of the state bar of Texas show that Justice Medina is overwhelmingly favored by the lawyers of Texas.

2012 Judicial Poll State Bar of Texas
John Devine, Tomball 716
David Medina, Houston 4,248
Tom Oxford, Beaumont 1,336
Joe Pool, Jr., Dripping Springs 1,198
Charles E. Waterbury, Richardson 922

We decide who will be the people that represent us; we decide if we are going to believe the lies or the truth, we decide if we want an experienced justice or someone who doesn’t understand the complexities of the judicial system. I am voting JUSTICE DAVID MEDINA! Let’s keep a Hispanic 6th generation American on the Texas Supreme Court!


Why are you running for this office?

Medina: I feel honored to have served the judiciary in this capacity for the past eight years. I have dedicated most of my professional career to public service. The experience I have in the private sector managing litigation all over the country and Texas has prepared me well for this job. And every day when I walk into the courtroom, I bring with me my unwavering faith in God and an uncompromising commitment to our conservative values.

Devine: I am running to restore judicial integrity to Texas’ highest civil court. The Texas Supreme Court must be a court of last resort, answering questions of constitutional validity only when necessary to preserve and protect the Constitutions of Texas and the United States. The states are sovereign in their power and it is often up to the Texas Supreme Court to maintain that sovereignty by carefully drafting its opinions and using our own supreme charter, the Texas constitution, as often as... More

Please list your educational, military and vocational history, and any church and civic leadership positions held, and political positions held or sought.

Medina: South Texas College of Law, Doctor of Jurisprudence, Class of 1989 Texas State University, Bachelor of Science in Education, Class of 1980 Counsel, Cooper Industries, 1989-1996, 2000-2003 General Counsel, Office of the Governor of Texas, 2004 Justice, Supreme Court of Texas, 2004-present Justice, 157th State District Court of Texas, 1996-2000 Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Board Member Habitat for Humanity, Board Member Spring-Klein Sports Association, Youth Baseball, Board... More

Devine: Education: BS Ball State University, Indiana; 1980 JD, South Texas College of Law 1986 Vocational and Political History: 1981 -1987 Shell Oil 1987 - 1995 Brown and Root 1995 - 2002 District Judge 190th Di 2002 - 2008 Senior Atty with Woodfill & Pressler LLP 2008 - 2010 Managing Attorney at Ammonds Lawfirm 2010 - Present General Counsel w/ Justice Media Lab Church: Fellowship of the Woodlands, Woodlands, Texas

What charitable, educational, religious, or political organizations have you been affiliated with as a member, contributor, or volunteer?

Medina: Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Board Member Habitat for Humanity, Board Member Spring-Klein Sports Association, Youth Baseball, Board Member Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Houston Hispanic Forum, Board Member Republican National Hispanic Assembly, President Republican Party Precinct Chairman & delegate to Republican County and State Conventions

Devine: Contributor: Star of Hope Mission, Houston Texas; Contributor: World Vision; Contributor: Life House; Former Board Member: Life Advocates; Former Board Member: Texas Right to Life; Life Member: Foundation for Life; Contributor: National Right to Life; Former Board Member: various crisis pregnancy centers, Tomball and Brenham, Texas; Contributor and Benefactor: National Rifle Association; Lifetime Member: Gun Owners of America Member and Contributor: Texas State Rifle Association; Life Member: 100 Club;

In order to give understanding of your judicial philosophy, please provide citation and brief explanation of any published judicial opinions, dissents, articles or commentary authored by you.

Medina: Guitar Holding Company v. Hudspeth County Underground Water Conservation District No. 1, May 2008 Wrote majority opinion in water rights case. Severence v. State of Texas, April 2009 Wrote a dissent in property rights case. Marks v. St. Lukes Episcopal Hospital, August 2009 Delivered opinion of court in tort case.

Devine: "No Answer."

What in the nature of mankind caused America’s Founders to carefully define, separate and limit powers within the Constitution?

Devine: Man is selfish and sinful at nature. Just as free enterprise is the best way to turn mankind’s natural self-interest into the fairest and most productive economic system, the separation of powers as foreseen by our nation's founding fathers is the best way to prevent tyranny and curtail the natural tendencies of man.

Medina: The framers possessed a deep commitment to liberty, justice, and concern for the public good that is derived from their firm belief in natural rights given to us from our Creator. They had seen first-hand the failures of monarchial Great Britain, in which power was too heavily concentrated in the hands of the few to the detriment of the people.



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